Thursday, December 31, 2015

I Was a Teenage Collector's Item!

"Your regrets aren't what you did, but what you didn't do. 
So take every opportunity." - -Cameron Diaz

That's me in the red circle. I must have been about 23 or so.

(English follows below) 僕の昔のバンド、「The Rotters」一発屋バンドが解散した後、僕は他のバンド「Wuffy Dogs」を結成した。
かれこれ34年以上も昔 まだカリフォルニアにいた時のこと。
それがなんと、夏にシングルレコードが1枚約16.6万円の値段が付く希少盤となっている! (#8: 4曲のうちの3曲は僕が書きました! 写真に僕が一番右。芸術家は死んで有名になるが、俺様はまだ生きているぜ!

When I was young, I was in a "One-Hit Wonder" Punk Rock Band. The band's name was "The Rotters." We played with the Dead Kennedys, Fear, Black Flag, the Germs, Angry Samoans and a bunch of other 1979 Los Angeles Punk Band's whose names I can't remember. I've written about it here: I Was a Teenage Punk Rocker - Why Dedication Beats Fanaticism Anyday! Even for Punk Rock or Success in Any Field! (If link doesn't work, copy & paste this into your browser:

I'm glad I did that and played in that band. It was a great experience.

(Left to right: Johnny Brewton, Peter MacKenzie, Bob Rogers, me (crouching with rifle). Dead on the ground was our dear friend Arya Sabahi.)

The Rotters played lots of shows with famous bands and we had, actually, more than one song released on 7 inch analogue vinyl single... I once saw the first pressing of our debut single on sale in a record store for $750 (USD). That was about 20 years ago. 

I have heard that our second single is even more valuable. 

After that band broke up, I floundered in a few other bands, but never really did anything that was as exciting as the Rotters... 

I thought... 

Until this morning... 

This morning I opened up my Facebook and my jaw dropped to my socks! My old friend who was the drummer in another band project we had made in the early 80s had tagged me in a post showing where a record we made back in those days had sold at auction for $1,350 this year!

I couldn't believe it! "The Wuffy Dogs" makes the Top 10 list for the most expensive items sold on an Internet music auction site!? What? 

The Wuffy Dogs hit #8 for the Top Ten most expensive records sold in August 2015? Wow! Check it:

In brief: A few years after the Rotters broke up, my friend's and I made this band, called the Wuffy Dogs. It was my university room-mate Peter MacKenzie and my older brother, Bob and a really talented young drummer named Johnny Brewton and me. We never played live but I was convinced that some of the songs I had written could be radio hits (again) so I conned my friends to get together and record some tracks.

The recordings were done at some local studio (I forget the name) near my home. We recorded 4 songs, I wrote 3 of them and sang (screamed) on those 3 too. Pete wrote the "Radio-friendly" single and sang on that.

When the recordings were done, I tried to get us aired on KROQ in Los Angeles, but there was no fire. Nothing was happening with this record. I was kind of surprised. It seemed so easy with the Rotters.

We pressed about 250 or so of these records and I threw most of them away when I moved to Japan in 1983.

I hear that record collectors today call this particular record one of the "Holy Grail" of 7 inch records from those days.

But, back then, when we made these records, I couldn't give them away! Now, this summer, someone paid over thirteen-hundred dollars for one!? WTF?!

I was so happy to see this news! It was the best Christmas present I have received in years. Thank you so much for allowing me to brag!

To think that the effort we made over 30 years ago finally gets some recognition today... Unbelievable!

As my dear friend Ken aways says, "Dream as if you will live forever. Live as if you will die tomorrow!"

Thank you, er, destiny or fate, or just plain good luck, and being in the right place at the right time and making the effort.

Folks, live without regrets! - Mike in Tokyo Rogers

* As one of my dear friends pointed out, even after all these years, it's nice to still be wanted.

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Andrew Joseph said...

And I suppose you do not have a copy?
Damn Mike. Still... it must be nice to be wanted!
Best in 2016!

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