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Spotify Sends Unsolicited Emails and Spam! Stop it!

I really hate it when companies send me spam and emails I didn't ask for. I get it when small companies do that; small businesses do what ya gotta do but I especially hate it when big companies do it.

Spotify Japan breaks the rules and lacks common sense. Apple, Google, Rakuten or Amazon do not send unsolicited spam or emails but Spotify does.
Spotify! I didn't ask to be on your mailing list. Stop sending me spam and unsolicited emails immediately! 

Then, when I tried to unsubscribe, (which is difficult because Spotify failed to put a simple to use "Unsubscribe" button on their mail) I clicked the return mail button and it popped up: "Unsubscribe" so I sent it (They probably phished my emails contacts - sorry about that!) Nevertheless I got a "Undeliverable mail" back from Google.
Spotify! Don't send me spam or mail I didn't ask for!

Confessions of a Propagandist for the State!

"In an age of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act."- George Orwell

"Jake" is a news reporter for a major broadcasting station in Japan. His program is broadcast to millions of homes. I recently interviewed, "Jake" (not his real name). We met at my favorite watering hole and "Jake" confessed his story to me. Here is what he said:
"In a surprising turn of events, I have lately found myself in the position of propagandist for the state and Big Pharma. It's true. I am now reading and broadcasting the "news" (read: "propaganda") to millions of people in Japan.It disturbs me to have to read out some of the stuff that arrives on the newswire.
If I tell the truth on air, I will most likely get in a lot of trouble even if I am not fired. If I follow the "party line" and read out the propaganda as written, I will wind up hating myself and quitting. (This has happened already twice before.) These a…

Photo Dump of Rock Stars I've Met in Japan

"My idea of a good picture is one that's in focus and of a famous person." - Andy Warhol"If you see something that moves you, and then snap it, you keep a moment." - Linda McCartneyThis is a boring post with photos.... Move along... Nothing to see here folks...

I'm putting these photos up here because they had been on Myspace but Myspace seems to have compressed the hell out of many of them and now they are only icon sized so the digital images are worthless. (You can see them all here - still many are missing!) These are a few that I could save that seem to have escaped massive compression and I don't know where the originals are (I put them on Myspace to save them originally!)

There's tons more that are lost forever it seems. I can't find the photos with Joey Ramone, the Stranglers, Aerosmith and there's so many others that have fallen in the memory hole.... Tons of photos with really famous artists over the years (Japanese artists too)... P…