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"Pokemon Go? The more you know about it, the less intelligent you become." 「Pokemon Go? 知れば知るほど馬鹿になる」

"Pokemon Go? The more you know about it, the less intelligent you become." - Mike Rogers (Apologies to Repoman!)

「Pokemon Go? 知れば知るほど馬鹿になる」- Mike Rogers 
(In Japanese: "Shireba shiruhodo baka ni naru.")

徳島でPokemon Goをやりながら運転していた車にはねられて、女性1人が死亡1人が大怪我。運転手はゲームに夢中で前をよく見ていなかったと言っている。ポケモンGOでの死亡事故は国内初。

My Latest Article on Lew Rockwell: Musicians, Artists and Politics - The Day the Music Dies

“And you tell me over and over and over again my friend, you don’t believe we’re on the eve of destruction.” – Barry McGuireI think this needs to be said (not that what I think really matters) but I am so disappointed by so many of today’s musicians and artists who come out and publicly support this politician or that.I have been noticing this trend amongst musicians and artists growing over these last 20 years or so. It astounds me that today’s artists are so fooled by the mass media that they will come out in support of certain political candidates. This is foolish as well as lacking in dignity and I will show you why.I expect that Joe-Blow Average Guy – who watches too much TV – to suck it all in and be lead around by the ring in their nose like cattle to support a candidate. But I didn’t expect musicians and artists to be as daft as average Joe-Blow and openly promote criminal candidate A over criminal candidate B. (Yes. Yes. I know most artists and musicians are not rocket scient…

Fruits? Freaks? I Love These People!

I LOVE these people.... 

Most "ordinary people" (Repo-Man reference here) look at them and criticize them and say they look like freaks... But, you know what? People say that because, deep down in their hearts, the people who criticize know these kids have much more fun and freedom than most of us do. These kids don't care what society dictates or what "regular people" think....

I wish I could be as free as these kids... They are living a dream...What fun! What I wouldn't give to be young and handsome again! 

Oh! How I envy them! (Thanks to Miyako Yamamoto for the photo from London)

Hiroshima Day - Horrific Short Animations for Japanese Schoolchildren

The first nuclear attack on the civilian city of Hiroshima happened today in 1945.

Here are two horrifying cartoons made for Japanese schoolchildren to explain about what happened during the attack. 

The information says: "An epic historic cartoon produced for school children about the day Hiroshima was bombed as seen from the Japanese perspective. English subtitles for those of you who do not speak Japanese and for those of you with short attention spans this is a very short film."

If video doesn't play, click here:

If video doesn't play, click here:

Let's work to make sure this sort of thing never happens again.