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The Sexy Japanese Movie/TV Starlet and Me (Also Known As: The Formerly Famous TV Star-Lady at the Discount Grocery Store)

"This is a true story. The names were changed to protect the innocent." - Dragnet TV show 1965
"No one is innocent." - Sex Pistols 1980

This is a true story. I go grocery shopping at the big local supermarket about 2 or 3 times a week. The supermarket is called, "OK Store." I'm a regular there. I've written about it before (you might get a laugh).

OK Store is a "no frills" grocery store: There's never any fancy displays. Cartons and cases of stuff like toilet paper or bottled water are stacked high to the ceiling in their cardboard shipping boxes. 

It's not a pretty sight.

OK Store advertises that they don't spend money on crap like "poncy-hairdresser-type" displays and the like and that allows them to pass on the savings to you... Or, me... to us... Whatever... 

I'll say "to me," since I'm betting most of my readers don't shop there.

I am always one of the first ones to arrive at OK Store in the morn…

Free Book on Dieting Download

Here you go, come and get it! 

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Congratulations! Japanese University Students! Graduation Day!

Yesterday, in Tokyo, I saw dozens and dozens of young women walking around in kimonos. It was University Graduation Day in Japan.

I'm not completely sure about that, but I imagine that, just like everyone in this country goes to lunch at exactly the same time, all the universities probably held their graduation ceremonies at the same time too... Maybe not...

Anyway, I saw many many girls in kimonos and guys in suits. The guys in suits don't really stick out because everyone here wears a suit. 

Now, girls under 40 or so running around in kimonos is a surprise. Especially when there are dozens and dozens of them.

I wanted to take a photo. So here it one. 

By the way, if you are ever hanging out in Japan and want to take someone's photo, it's pretty easy: Just don't speak a word of Japanese to them. They'll think you are a tourist and say "OK!"
For these girls I ran up to them and said, "Oh! Beautiful!" Japanese people can understand the word, "…

International School in Tokyo? Why We Choose St. Mary's International School

"All the proofe of a pudding, is in the eating." - William Camden from "Remaines of a Greater Worke" 1605 

I figured, over twenty years ago, I would write this blog post someday. This is an explanation as to why we choose St. Mary's International Boys School for our son's education while living in Tokyo.
I've now been living in Japan for more than thirty years. In that time, I have been working almost exclusively in the TV and radio, marketing and internet business. Because of my past experiences, I have had the chance to work with many of the highest ranking foreigners from American, British, Australian, German and Italian companies who head up some of the world's biggest corporations in Japan and Asia.
Of course, also in that time, I've had many chances to work closely with dozens upon dozens of foreigners who were born and raised here in Japan and went to the various international schools in the area who now work at those big international compa…

Beautiful and Sexy Japanese Girls in Bikinis on My TV Show!!! Yikes!

Well, folks. I've died and gone to heaven! I can go anytime as a happy man!

I'm working on the new "Ninja Slayer" show that is starting on Niconico on April 16th, 2015 at 11:00 pm. I am proud to announce that I am are working with the fine folks at Ninja Slayer, Road and Sky Company, King Records and Kadokawa as a team and bringing that exciting new animation to the world! Read about that here: Ninja Slayer Animation Begins April 16th at 11pm on Niconico (
Mina Shirakawa poses in a bathing suit for cameraman Ken NishikawaI am also making a special program just for the fans of Ninja Slayer and that show premieres on that new "Ninja Slayer" show! It's a special program in a program. I t's still Top Secret, but I can share some tidbits. Yesterday, we had a shoot and did some video production and several beautiful Japanese girls came to the studio and dropped our…

4 Years Ago Today: The Tsunami - Ishinomaki short video

It was 4 years ago today that over 20,000 people disappeared off the face of the earth in the Great Earthquake in Miyagi Prefecture on March 11, 2011.

May all those whose lives were turned upside down in a few moments, find peace and happiness.

This is a short documentary film about Ishinomaki in Miyagi prefecture one of the hardest hit areas of the March 11, 2011 tsunami. It was made with my friends, Roger Marshall, Timo Budo, Ken Nishikawa and others who pitched in time and effort.

This documentary deals with the city, the people and relief efforts completed by individuals living in Tokyo to send relief supplies to a center for disabled people in Ishinomaki.

Scribbling on Money? Great Marketing Idea?

I mentioned a few posts back that I have been blogging religious everyday at a website run by a new company that I founded with some friends. The site is called ROBOT55 (Robot Go-Go). The site is bilingual so please check it out.

Today, I posted an article over there that I do want to share with the regular readers of this blog. The post is entitled: Guerrilla Marketing! Mr. Spock and the Greek Artist That Hijacked the Euro! (

The article talks about two really wild (and funny) things going on. 

One is an artist who has made a name for himself by drawing public hangings, police thugs, skateboarders, riots, etc. on Euro Bank Notes. 

The other is about how Canadians are drawing Mr. Spock on $5 dollar notes so much so that the Canadian government has asked them to stop.

Here's a snippet from the article:

The government of the EU and Canada are destroying the value of their respective currencies by money printing…

Shibuya Fruits! Girls in Shibuya & Harajuku

I was planning to going out to Shibuya and Harajuku to take photos of the fashions of the girls of 2015. But every time I get ready to go, like today, it rains.

Well, I did get out to Shibuya for work, but it was too rainy and cold to find the good fruits.

I did find these two girls. Look at the nails on the girl on the right!

I'll try to get out there next week to take photos. Stay tuned for more Japanese Fruits.

If you can't wait, then please check out the Osaka Fruits that I took photos of a while back.

See more here: Osaka Fruits! Wild Osaka Japanese Fashions!