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Japan Becomes World's #1 Music Market by Wide Margin

Japan has now definitively surpassed the USA as the world's #1 music market according to IFPI data.

----------I've written repeatedly about the music market in Japan. One of my favorites is here: Why Good UK and USA (Western) Independent and Alternative Artists Cannot Get Record or Publishing Deals in Japan.

I've also been doing my new morning show on InterFM called, "WTF?" (What the Friday?) Where we always try to play lots of new music. Many of the foreign artists we play tell me that their Japan sales have surpassed their US sales. I always tell them, "Because, in Japan, people still pay for music and CDs still sell here." (Musicians! Come "Like" our FB page:

Now, I've found a wonderful article that backs me up.

Here's a nice tidbit:

"Food, taxi rides, cinema tickets and even iTunes downloads are all way more expensive in Japan than in the USA. So a big part of the reason is that every downloa…

My Life is Like a "B" Grade Horror Movie

I have been thinking about writing another book. Well, actually, I've been thinking that since 2005, since the first, and only, book I ever wrote came out.

It was a terrible book. I hope I can write a better one next time... Then again, on second thought, a third grader could probably write a better book than my first one. It was crappy.

Mike Rogers (me) self-portrait of what I looked like while in Austin, Texas
I've been inspired to write a new book by three things. One was my new favorite blogger, who wrote a post entitled; Why and How I Self-Published a Book. (If that link doesn't work, try this one:

In that post he explains why and how he wrote the book. I like the ideas. Actually, I hate publishers and I hated dealing with those people who published my first book and never want to do that again. I also want to publish the book and give it away for totally and completely free.

I want to tell stories …

What Happens When Grandmother Has a Stroke...

(This is a difficult post to write. If my immediate family sees this, they might get angry... But please read until the end... Even in this mis-fortune our loved one brings us good things...)

My mother-in-law had a stroke. Her condition is rapidly declining... She hasn't long on this earth. I thank God she isn't in pain.

I will miss her. She was always kind and good to me and a very fair person. If there is a heaven, I know she is going there.

The immediate family shudders under the stress. They become irritated at how each other handles grief... What should they do when the matriarch is dying? What will they do when the glue, the love, that held the family together for so many decades disappears?

I try to help anyway I can... But there's not much I can do but listen and try to make things a bit more convenient...

Friends send condolences...

I remind everyone and myself of an old story: 

"An ancient Zen Buddhist story goes like this: 

A very wealthy family in China bought a l…

Results of Geiger Counter Use in Tokyo

I finally got my Geiger counter! It arrived in the mail three days ago. I've been running around all over Tokyo with it, wherever I go, looking for hidden, deadly, mutating radiation. 

Ai-yai-yai-yai.... So far, no luck.

I've been all over Setagaya-ku, Shibuya, Harajuku and Chiyoda-ku... (sung to the melody of Frank Sinatra's "Down South of the Border (Down Mexico Way))" Hamamatsu-cho and down Shinagawa way!

No sign of deadly radiation.

The readings have all been between 0.07 mSV/hr to 0.13 mSV/hr. A flight on a commercial jet airplane from Tokyo to New York will expose you to about 190 mSV (about 18.0 mSV/hr) so you can see that the current levels are not be worried about. Unless, of course, you are the worrying sort.

0.10... No problemo
You can read more techy stuff about radiation measurements here. If you check the link at the top of the page of this blog, you can see what the daily levels of radiation are in Tokyo as read by a private scientific institution.

The le…

Eat Whale, It's Delicious!

I received a mail from my friend Andrew who lives in cold Northern Japan. Andrew is also a columnist for Lew Rockwell so we are sort of "Brothers in Arms." We are always on "the same page" so to speak (though, often on different paragraphs!)

Here is Andrew's latest on Lew Rockwell (LRC): Yasukuni Shrine Whines Justified? (

Andrew sometimes sends me very interesting insights and comments. Here is his latest email:

Hey Mike san,
Here's a fun little story you might want to post on your blog, I don't think its the kind of thing LRC would publish:

My family was in Yamagata City this past weekend.  If you know Yamagata City, you would know its a nice city in the central valley of northern Japan, at the base of some large mountains.  I wouldn't want to disparage Yamagata City, but it's fair to say that its seen better days and isn't one of Japan's most economically dynamic citie…

The Japanese Youth of Today Don't Seem to Hate Koreans or Chinese. What's the Problem?

Concerning my most recent article entitled "Young People Don't Care - And That's a Good Thing" ( about how today's Japanese, Korean and Chinese youth seem to not hate each other like past generations did... That they don't care about nationalism like their predecessors...

I received several mails from people (older generations) who seem to misunderstand what I wrote. Perhaps I did write it poorly (I do think or people want to read into it what they want).
I never said the Japanese, Korean or Chinese kids didn't study history - International test results show they certainly do MUCH better scholastically than America kids do (but who couldn't study more?) 

My entire point was that today's Japanese youth (and Chinese and Korean youth) don't hate each other like past generations did. When viewing each other, they don't care about what happened in their grandparents ge…

Guns Are Not Illegal in Japan

Was out walking around the countryside today, near some farms about 1.5 hours from Tokyo when I stumbled upon this sign by the road...

You often hear from pro-gun control advocates that Japan does not have a gun problem like the United States because guns are illegal in Japan. That is patently false.

I think this picture speaks a lot more than a thousands words...

I also would like to note how the sign includes English for foreign hunters in the area. How polite!

Want to know just how really absurd it is to compare the USA with Japan? Read this for a real eye-opener: 

Gun Control and Japan - Mike in Tokyo Rogers on the truth. If that link doesn't work, copy and paste this: