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Happy New Year 2014! The Year of the "Hose"!

Happy New Year 2014! The Year of the "Hose"!

This joke might be hard to understand for foreigners who don't speak Japanese or vice versa.... Next year is the year of the Horse... But "Horse" and "Hose" are written the same way in Katakana (the Japanese alphabet for foreign words - there's 3 alphabets in Japan, but the way, but that's another story....)
Horse in Japanese is "uma." When a Japanese studies English, they learn that "uma," in English, is pronounced: "ho-su." Which, you can probably guess, is the same pronunciation - and the same word - as the garden watering device... Also, hence, the pose that looks like I might be "riding" the hose.
The joke really gets to be an "inside joke" when you realize that in the red circle at the top right, there is a mix of the Japanese alphabet "Hiragana" (the language for Japanese things) for the "ho" and in Katakana for the "su.&…

The Young People Don't Care... And That's a Good Thing.

The following is just my two cents. Take it or leave it... I've found out that what I think usually doesn't cause the world to turn upside down anyway. Don't send me your mails about "My father fought in...." My dad did too. Know what? I don't care. - Mike (young at heart)

You'll read the news and they'll constantly tell you about bad blood between Japan and her neighbors. Every time some dumb Japanese politician (all over 65-years-old) goes to Yasukuni Shrine, the shrine that supposedly glorifies Japan's past military aggression, the politicians in China and Korea (all over 65-years-old - excepting that lunatic who currently "runs" North Korea) all lose their incontinence and shat their adult diapers. They raise hell and scream about what the other lunatics who "run" Japan are doing and complain about "Japan's war-time militarism" and "past aggressions." (Note: I suspect that Japanese prime ministers vis…

Christmas in America and Christmas in Japan

I made this silly photo comparison. It speaks for itself.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you!

May all your dreams come true in 2014! 

Japanglish and Intentional Misspellings!

OK, there's Japanglish, where the Japanese do their darndest to try to get it right....

And don't... But it works anyway....

Then there's Japanglish, where the Japanese do their darndest to try to get it right....

And do... But it doesn't work in practice... I mean, anyway you look at it.... What? This kid's mom dressed him this way for a school birthday party???

Then there's Japanglish, where the Japanese do their darndest to try to get it right....

But fail miserably... "I can act to bad girl"? What the heck does that mean?

Then there's Japanglish, that isn't even Japanglish, it's just smart marketing...

Sandrich? Get it? "A rich ice cream sandwich." This was intentional as the Japanese usually have a problem with their "L's" and "R's" - they do not have a problem with their "W's" and "R's."  
"Sandrich"? Good idea!

An Interview With America's Top Bitcoins Expert: Bitram "Bitty" Coins

This interview with a Bitcoins expert is just too good to ignore...


Reality Check: 

Today, I interview Bitram "Bitty" Coins, the nation's leading expert in the Bitcoins market. 

GN: Mr. Coins, I am happy you consented to an interview. 
BC: Call me Bitty. 
GN: OK, Bitty. I want to find out what this Bitcoins deal is all about. 
BC: It's about liberty. It's about a new international market. It's about a New World Currency Order. 
GN: It's also about buying 10,000 Bitcoins for $50 in 2009, which are worth $13,000,000 today. 
BC: I call this value-added investing. 
GN: I call it a digital tulip mania. 
BC: I see that you are a skeptic. 
GN: You have very clear eyesight. 
BC: Maybe I can persuade you otherwise. 
GN: Give it your best shot. 

BC: Let me tell you about the #1 benefit. You get complete privacy. 
GN: Complete? 
BC: That's right. 
GN: How does this work? 
BC: You go to an exchange and buy Bitcoins. 
GN: You mean like Silk Road? 
BC: Not Silk Ro…

A Communist Makes More Sense Than the Government???? A Cold Day in Hell...

I was standing in front of Yoga station in Tokyo this morning and was watching this Communist politician railing on Abenomics, Sales Tax increases and Secrecy laws... 

I listened for a while... I thought, "Gee... I can't believe that it's a Communist who actually makes more sense than the clowns we have in power now!..." 

I also thought, "Must be a cold day in hell...."

More things to ponder....

You also have to wonder how it is possible that a politician would; 1) have a platform that is against raising taxes and; 2) Can still lose and election; all the while being a 3) Hot babe! 

Need proof? Read: My Serious Commentary on Today's Japan Elections (And Some Hot Babes!)

Never Mined the Bitcoins - Here's the Scam Pyramid

Gary North has written what I think is the best thing I've read on Bitcoin in quite a while. Please refer to: Is Bitcoin a Ponzi Scheme? 

I've spoken and written a lot about Bitcoin. I think the most popular was: The Bashful Bitcoin Numismatist. And I've even been on WHDT TV interviewed about the subject: Bitcoin Not a Feasible Currency.

Well, for the first time in a few months, I finally had a crerative inspiration. This "art" is everything I think I could possibly say about Bitcoin in one image. You know, they say that a "Picture speaks a thousand words..." 

I made this and must give all credit and apologise to the Sex Pistols. 

Here is my last comment on the Bitcoin subject. This says everything I want to say: