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R.I.P. Abenomics: Record Trade Deficit Now 15 Months in Row

The situation is laughable... Well, it would be if it weren't true: Abenomics is a dismal failure. Now, a record trade deficit of Japan for another record 15 months in a row!

From Zerohedge - Abenomics Humiliated Again As Japan Posts 15th Consecutive (And Record) Trade Deficit

Overnight Japan posted its latest, September, trade numbers which were absolutely abysmal, as the trade deficit rose to a fresh record high of 932 billion yen ($9.5 billion), the 15th consecutive monthly shortfall. The deficit for April-September rose to nearly 5 trillion yen ($51 billion), also a record for the first half of the fiscal year.

Why is this? Well, like I wrote in December of 2012 (I just love to brag that I was right and also see major news sites falling in line): Here's Why A Weak Yen Will Destroy Japan

...what will a weak yen certainly buy for Japan? Answer: How about a 10% increase across the board on energy imports?

From Forbes Magazines, please refer to: Japan's Energy Dependence


Destroy All Japanese Mascots - But I Wouldn't Kick Her Out of My Futon for Eating French Fries

Japan loves cute shit. It's everywhere here. I can't stand it. I think it might have been Hello Kitty who really broke this cute shit out into the open... (But that's just my personal opinion and obsessive dislike and life-long vendetta against everything and all things Hello Kitty...) 

This shitty mascot crap just drives a man to drinking...

Of course everyone has heard by now about how Fukushima Industries made their new mascot and actually made a great one. It's named "Fukuppy." Seriously. You can't make this stuff up... Er, I mean, you can't make this stuff, "uppy."

"I'm Fukuppy. Nice to meet you. I think I'm kind with a strong sense of justice but people say I'm a little bit scatterbrained." The company also says the name comes from Fukushima Industries and Happy. Fukushima + Happy = Fukuppy! Perfect!
I hate the character. Love the name, though... It's a perfect mix of tortured Japanese use of English and a stupid …

Fear of a Spam Planet

On yesterday morning's radio show, I spoke about convenience store Spam rice balls I found the other day at my local convenience store... Which I was surprised about because you usually only see these things in places like Hawaii or Saipan... Now they sell them in Tokyo? 

Do people actually buy these things?

"Imported" from Okinawa...
Then a few days after finding the spam rice ball, I find a news story about new Spam flavored Macadamia nuts that recently went on sale in Hawaii.

The LA Times had the story entitled: Spam-flavored nuts exist, people!:

When you think of Spam, a satisfying crunch isn't exactly the sensation that comes to mind. It's more of a soft, squishy bite, unless you're talking about Spam-flavored macadamia nuts. But if you're imagining little pink nuts covered in some sort of Spam meat dust, you should be warned that there is no actual Spam in, on, or around the nuts. 

Yes, these Spam nuts contain no actual Spam. 

The nuts are made by the Hama…

BCC Mass Mailing is Grossly Misused and Often Counter-Productive

Just a quick post about a recent pet peeve of mine... BCC mailings...

I received two mails today that were sent to me by BCC. They both went immediately into the trash.

Why? Well, I think that if I am being sent a BCC mass mailing then the message must not be important.

There's a difference in receiving a BCC mass mailing announcement of some sort of event or announcement and receiving a BCC for being privy to an inside private letter concerning some business details.

Getting a BCC that only goes to a few people about some private message between two (possibly feuding) people concerning work-related issues is OK. I think, in that case, BCC can be useful.

For example, I am having a discussion with someone at work over policy issues; I need political support from people in different departments. I might send a few trusted people BCC copies of the emails; I might need them to know the content of the discussion.

Oh, sure, in the perfect world, some might say that "All communication sho…

Japanese Consumer Confidence WAY Down & New Leak at Fukushima! It's All Good News!

Well, as I have been saying for a long time, in spite of my foreign-born detractors, who live in Japan but seem to be out of touch with what the average Japanese on the street is thinking, average Joe Tanaka is not happy at all about Abenomics. And there's now data to back me up on that point; not just anecdotal evidence. 

Happy as hell! See?
There's no way to paint this is a positive note: Consumer Confidence in Japan is downright miserable. Before I get to the proof, here's some background: 

In The Facts: Data Doesn't Lie and "Positive" Writing, I wrote:

Look, there's responsible fiscal policy and then there's what the Japanese government (and US government, EU, etc.) are doing: irresponsible deficit spending. Japan has been doing what Abe is doing for over 20 years. The only difference is that Abe has put the deficit spending into hyper-drive.

Over twenty year of deficit spending and infrastructure projects? Look where it has gotten Japan today.

Folks, y…