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Very Sprite, Alert and Healthy 97 Year Old Guy Gives Tips for a Long Life

I am reposting (slightly altering) this post from March, 21 2013, because this dear man, Yasuyuki Hashimoto, passed away late last night. Thankfully, he wasn't in pain and passed quietly.

Hashimoto san lived to be 97-years-old. He was very spry and alert just up to about 12 weeks ago. Then his health rapidly began to decline. I was very surprised to see how fast it was. 

It just goes to show us all how fleeting the wonders and joys of life can be.

Please read this story of the wonderful man and remember to enjoy and cherish all the wonderful things this short life gives us. Remember to live each day to its fullest. Tomorrow comes too soon.

And now the article....

I have been written a lot about philosophical things like life & deathpurpose, respect and dedication as well as choosing a partner well. Today, I'd like to introduce to you a guy who I have met in these last few days that has really blown my mind. I also want to share some of his philosophies on living a long life. …

The Facts: Data Doesn't Lie and "Positive" Writing

Yesterday I met a dear friend of mine. He complained about this blog. He said to me, "Why do you always write such negative things? Why don't you write more positive things about what Abe (Shinzo) is doing? Exports are going up!"

I replied, "Japan just had 14 months of trade deficits in a row for the first time in modern history. Last month was the worst trade deficit in history. Exports went up 14% but that was after more than a 25% decrease in the value in the yen since October 2012 (15% this year alone), which actually, considering accrual accounting, means that exports went down 9% since Oct. 2012."

That was all I said.

BNP Paribas just reported that they estimate that Abenomics will fail. Please refer to: BNP Paribas Gives Abenomics Only 10% Chance of Success?

I write this stuff because (may I brag?) I'm usually ahead of the curve. I've been complaining about Abenomics since October of 2012... It, seems to me, was easily predictable what was going to h…

BNP Paribas Gives Abenomics Only 10% Chance of Success? - I Think They Are Way Too Optimistic

There's a very interesting article over at Zero Hedge from BNP Paribas parsing out the chances of success for Abenomics. 

Everything is under control!
The article is entitled: BNP Warns Only 10% Chance That Abenomics "Ends Well." Here's a few snippets:

Japan’s core CPI (which excludes perishables) surged 0.7% y/y in July, but the upturn is largely due to higher prices for energy that reflect rising import prices due the yen’s weakness. Despite global exuberance at Abe's "progress", BNP notes that there are still no signs of price growth for rent and service prices, factors behind Japan’s protracted deflation. Crucially, BNP believes that Abenomics could lead to four possible medium-term outcomes: (1) Continued deflation (35% probability), (2) Financial repression (40%), (3) High inflation (15%), and (4) Happy end to deflation via revived trend growth (10%).

On the continued deflation 35% possibility...

Under this scenario, the economic euphoria, yen deprecia…

There is No Gold at The US Federal Vaults? Won't Allow Germany to See the Gold - Won't Give Back Germany's Gold

The scam continues. Germany stores about half its gold in New York. Germany is suspicious of the US dollar and the Fed and asks for their gold back. The Fed says "that's impossible." They claim that they couldn't fill the order until 2022 (Even though German's gold is supposedly less than 5% of all Fed gold holdings). The Germany asks to see their gold. The Fed says, "No!"

Listen closely at about 2:10, in which during WW2 the Fed convinced Asian and African nations to store their gold in New York in exchange for Federal Reserve gold certificates, but when those nations tried to trade those certificates back to the Federal Reserve to recover their gold, the Federal Reserve claimed their own gold certificates were fakes, and kept the gold.

Rock and Pop Musicians! Please Make Two and a Half Minute Songs!

Everyone knows that the attention spans of people are getting shorter yet rock musicians (people who are appealing to those with the shortest attention spans of all), keep making songs that are getting longer.

I don't get it.

According to the website: Attention Span Statistics data

"The average attention span in 2000, 12 seconds. The average attention span in 2012, 8 seconds. "

Yet, people keep making pop and rock songs longer and longer! Ever since "Let it Be" by the Beatles and Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody, which BOTH were six minutes long, pop and rock musicians keep making songs over four, even five minutes! Is this counter-intuitive? Or just plain dumb?

No. This is NOT what I want!
I think it's dumb. Let me tell you why...

I program and select all the music for a very popular morning drive-time program in Tokyo. Our service area covers 35 million homes, so it's huge. I know that many people like me (I've asked) have agreed that the "perfect po…

Total Media Manipulation Equals Control of the Average Population

I constantly rail on mass media sensationalism and media propaganda and manipulation of the the masses... I speak from an insiders point of view. In fact, it's so bad that I even meet people at some of the broadcasting stations that I work at who don't question, even for a moment, the propaganda that comes over the newswire... They just blindly come in to work, do their programs, and then, oblivious that they are part of the propaganda machine, they head home to come back and repeat the same drivel tomorrow...

Lather, rinse, repeat. 

Now, my good friend, Jp, sent me this interesting video and article. Let me reproduce it in full for you. From the Minds blog:

"This video is so ridiculous that it actually makes you want to punch through the screen.  There are multiple clear cases of this 'talking point distribution' happening where it's obvious that some puppet masters literally surgically insert their neural implants into the minds of the masses as if we are all n…

2020 Tokyo Olympics - Bubble, Boom, Bust (Out of Control Gov't Spending & Tax Increases...) Oh, and Don't Mention Fukushima!

“The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

Before I go on, let's do some chemistry (oh, I wish!) First off, the elements. I'd like to point out to you, the newest discovery in the elements and that is Governmentium. It is the heaviest of all elements, yet it does absolutely nothing good. It just expands. See the red box at the lower left:

Governmentium: Inert, worthless.
The Urban Dictionary says:

The heaviest chemical element yet known to science. Governmentium (Gv) has 1 neutron, 12 assistant neutrons, 75 deputy neutrons, and 224 assistant deputy neutrons, giving it an atomic mass of 312. These 312 particles are held together by forces called morons, which are surrounded by vast quantities of lepton-like particles called peons. Since Governmentium has no electrons, it is inert. However, it can be detected as it impedes every reaction with which it comes into contact. 

....Governmentium mass will actually increase over time, since each…

After Thoughts on Tokyo Being Awarded the 2020 Olympics - Will Tokyo 2020 Lose Money?... What Do You Think?

In yesterday's post entitled, Tokyo Gets the 2020 Olympics... Unfortunately... I wrote about how I was unhappy about the Olympics coming to Tokyo as I have good reason to believe that the Japanese government will spend taxpayer monies on construction projects for the Olympics and, after it is all over, the average Japanese tax payer will be saddled with billions of dollars of debts. 

Guys like Al Hitler or North Korea's Dim Son like the Olympics, they get a chance to show their public how great they are! Read about the wisdom on India concerning the Olympics here.
I think historical precedent of the Olympics themselves and the track record of the Japanese government with debt at 245% of GDP are pretty strong evidence to support my fears....

I wrote in that post:

"Oh, but the Olympics will be good for the economy!" Oh really? Tell another country that is deeply into corruption and kickbacks, Greece, about that one. This from the Daily Beast:
"Indeed, the $12 billion c…