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No comment necessary. Read it yourselves: Fukushima: Stop the Stupid

The Best Reason Why You Should Own Some Gold and Silver

I am often asked by people, who seem quite skeptical, "Why should I own any gold or silver?"

Here is the best answer I can think of: 

Scenario A: 

Pirate One finds a treasure map. He searches for years and finally finds the treasure. They dig it up and lo and behold, upon opening it, they find millions and millions of dollars worth of paper money bills, checks, bonds, deeds, etc... from a country that ceased to exist a century ago....

Scenario B: 

Pirate Two finds a treasure map. He searches for years and finally finds the treasure. They dig it up and lo and behold, upon opening it, they find millions and millions of dollars worth of diamonds, gold, silver... from a country that ceased to exist a century ago.... 

Question: Which pirate do you want to be?

Think about it: How many countries have ceased to exist in just the last 70 years? I can't name them all:

Just for fun. Here's a list of countries that have disappeared since 1840 or so (there's gotta be more! In fact, T…

Groupon Vailiantly Hangs on in Her Fight to Remain Dead!

Groupon? Remember that? (Polite applause and laughter here).

Bwa! Ha! Ha! If we turn our sales charts upside down, we're profitable!
Some guy wrote this humorous letter to me about my bashing of Groupon in Groupon Heads for Bankruptcy. You see, Groupon has been (and still is) a dog stock and company. The other day, Groupon had a whopping 30% share price rise. Amazing!? Who knows in this day and age.?

What caused this rise? Was it a new contract? No. Massive new sales? No. A new fangled technology? Tie-up with Google? Amazon? Disneyland? Nope. Nothing like that. The share price rise was caused by the announcement of a new CEO (to replace the cluster-f*ck former CEO Andrew Mason!) Big deal... 

I have a good question for any of you entertaining the ridiculous notion that this news is all that great. In act, I contend that this news portends and company in a fatal management crisis: Mason left end of February.... Have you EVER heard of a company that fired their CEO and then took almost 6…

Japan is the Best Country in the World to Live In! FREE BEER and Cigarettes! Suck it America!!!!!

Seriously. They do this a lot in Japan. That is; hand out free booze and cigarettes to by passers.... I think they used to call this "Service" and "Freebies" in the west until the Nazis took over.

This guy was handing out FREE BEER at the exit of the local grocery store.

He didn't:

1) Ask for my ID
2) Tell me to take off my belt or pass through a metal detector
3) Frisk me
4) Ask who I am
5) Ask where I am going
6) Ask anything...

He just gave me a chilled beer and smiled... Like they should do in a civilized nation (like Japan)...

Idiots will grouse that this doesn't make for a better place to live but that's just rationalization. The Japanese can do this because society here isn't the cluster-F*ck the society is in the USA.

Suck it America! And apologists for the police state that America has become!

Klaus Nomi Reincarnation Home Found in Ota-Ku in Tokyo! World Shocked at Discovery!

A washed up and out-of-work old DJ in Tokyo has made the most startling discovery in years; a house that seems to be the reincarnation of 1980's cult star, Klaus Nomi.

Could it possibly be that the cult star died and returned to earth as a modernist designed home in downtown Tokyo? The evidence points in that direction!

The Klaus Nomi House in Ota Ku Tokyo!
"I was driving along the road when I look over to my right. It was like Lightening striking me!" The man recalled. I turned to my friend and said, "Mate! Blimey! Look at that! It's Klaus Nomi!"

Sure enough, his friend agreed.

Wikipedia says about Klaus Nomi

"Klaus Sperber (January 24, 1944 – August 6, 1983), better known as Klaus Nomi, was a German countertenor noted for his wide vocal range and an unusual, otherworldly stage persona. Nomi was known for his bizarrely visionary theatrical live performances, heavy make-up, unusual costumes, and a highly stylized signature hairdo which flaunted a receding …