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Establishment Lapdog Media vs. Edward Snowden

No comment... 

I've written about this sort of thing for more than a decade....

Musicians! No Long Intros and Titles on Your Promotional Videos

"Brevity is the soul of wit" - William Shakespeare (From "Hamlet")

Just a short message for my musician friends: Please! Do not put long intros and text at the start of your videos on Youtube!


Think about it:

1) People clicked your video because they either searched for you or saw a short description and thumbnail image... They want to see your image and music immediately. They don't want to sit through introductions that are longer than a few seconds.

2) Youtube already makes people sit through a 5 to 20 second commercial as it is. Just that causes people to click off your video. Don't make us wait even longer.

3) This is the deal-breaker. Even if someone likes your video, do you think that viewers want to sit through another long introduction on their second, and subsequent views? No. They don't.

Think about it. Do you like long text intros on anything? If people want text intros, they'll read a book... 

So keep this in mind: "Brevity is the sou…

Pandora's Promise! Huge Buzz about New Film Concerning Nuclear Power!

This film was chosen for the 2013 Sundance Film Festival. The Sundance Festival is, as you may know, famous for premiering films that have had a decidedly anti-establishment and left-leaning attitude so for this movie to be chosen is a real jaw-dropper.
Here's some quotes of reviews:
"When was the last time you saw a documentary that fundamentally changed the way you think?"
"The most important movie about the environment since 'An Inconvenient Truth'" 
There's a very interesting premise in this movie. I want to see it when it comes out and hope it is released on Youtube quickly...
The only thing I do want to say is that, I don't believe in the theory of AGW, and so, if that's the premise of needed nuclear power, then I think it might be wrong... I do, though, believe that we have a lot of people on this earth who need to eat, live and have security. Wars over oil and resources are occurring more and more often. I do believe that we need to think…

Vegetable Stands - A Microcosm of Why Japan is Such a Great Place to Live

I'd like to show you a little something about Japan that is just a little slice of the entire picture of why Japan and Japanese society are much better off than the USA and other western nations.

This one little episode speaks volumes about the people in Japan. Of course, people in serious denial will take this as an attack on the USA. But no. I won't say anything about that. I will merely link to an article that was written by an American and posted at Zerohedge. Read this photo blog and then go read the Zerohedge article. Draw your own conclusions.

But first, some details. 

There is a small farm near my house in Setagaya. Setagaya is a ward of Tokyo. This particular farm isn't 15 minutes away from the world famous Shibuya station in Tokyo. Shibuya is the city that is famous for fashions, things to do and places to eat. It is also the home of the awesome Shibuya crossing that everyone who comes to Japan visits at least once.

More details and a little reference; Tokyo is the b…

Cool Time Lapse Video of Osaka

This is excellent! Time Lapse Video of Osaka by Paul Hillier.

For more wild stuff from Osaka, please see: "Osaka Fruits! Wild Osaka Japanese Fashions!"
Thanks for the tip to my friend in Osaka, Kevin Riley!

Folks! Your precious photos on Facebook are not safe! Social Media is a Loser for Storing Online Photos. Can't Beat Grandma's old-fashioned Photo Album.

Yep. Social Media platforms such as Myspace, Facebook, etc. are losers for storing your photos and precious memories. If you think those precious photos of your child's graduation or your vacation, or the party or the wedding are safe on a Social Media platform's photo album space are safe, well then, guess again!

Thank god I did move many photos to "Photo Dump of Rock Stars I've Met"... But still, there are a hundred more (at least) gone forever.... I'm kicking myself. Folks! Your precious photos on Facebook are not safe! (If the link above doesn't work:
I produced a very popular FM radio show in Tokyo called "Good Morning Garage" on 76.1 InterFM and we had many famous guests on the show over the years. The list is quite long. I had put p the photos of us and those guests on Myspace so that the fans could enjoy them too. Guess what? They're gone!

Myspace …

The Emotional Employee - Good and Bad

In today's work environment when so many people are just doing the minimum, it's refreshing to find people who are so involved that they get emotional about their work. Far too often people merely go through the motions. People who get emotional can be a treasure...

Lots of people need to read, "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff"...
But I think there are a good type of emotions and a bad type of emotions.

It is a curse of the corporate environment that involves far too much politicizing in the work place that often causes relations between co-workers to take priority and precedent over the success of the project. This is a bad situation that leads to the bad type of emotions at the work place.

While having dedicated people who do get emotionally attached to their work is great, it can also be a double edged sword when those emotions actually are obstructive and cause people to miss seeing the forest for the trees.

In my experience, actually and unfortunately, twice in the l…

Abenomics in BIG Trouble

From Zerohedge:

Up until now, Japan's six month experiment with Abenomics has resulted in consecutive months of record trade deficits, soaring energy costs, rising staples prices and a jump in bond volatility and yields so dramatic it led to consecutive halts in the Treasury market and the bond market window slamming shut for corporate credits. It has not resulted in a jump in economic output, in capital spending, and an increase in wages: the three key things needed for a sustainable and viable recovery (despite projections that 6-12 months in the future all shall be well, and the BOJ hiking its economic assessment almost on a daily basis).

Read the rest: Time For Abe To Start Worrying About His Approval Rating?

Yen Has Biggest JUmp in Three Years - Dow Drops on BOJ Disappointment - Big Day Coming for The Nikkei and Japan

As famous baseball player Yogi Berra was once quoted as saying, "It's tough to make predictions, especially about the future." So we all know that only fools make predictions.... So, I'm a fool.

I'm guessing that today will be a big day in the Nikkei 225 and a big day for JGBs and the entire Japanese economy. Why? Well, something will happen today!


Please refer to my post of yesterday entitled: Japan's Pachinko-nomics - The Two "S-Moves" - Abenomics Roller-Coaster

...Further down in the same article, it does point out the 800-pound gorilla in the room: 

"Highlighting the volatility, the Nikkei has had 10 sessions where intraday swings exceeded 2.5 percent since May 23, compared with 16 such trading days for the year up to May 22 and four such days in the whole of 2012. The U.S. S&P 500 only has had one such trading day in 2013, and the Euro STOXX 50 index has 11."

Gorilla? Yes. Read that first sentence again with my notes:


Tokyo in 1979, 1984 and Today

(This article is being rerun for Michael McThrow and all the other Michael McThrows out there...)

All my life I've thought that having a diary was a good thing. I never started writing one because I was; a) way too lazy. And, b) Never really thought what was going on was worth writing about...

Actually, that last part is not exactly true... I thought it was interesting enough, it's just that I was always too drunk/high or fatalistic and figured that I'd die before I finished the book about my life's story... So why bother? I wouldn't get the royalties for the movie rights anyway. 

I reckon that makes sense in a twisted sort of way.

One guy, though, that seems to have been keeping a diary for all these years is my friend Andrew Joseph. He writes a blog called, "It's a Wonderful Rife." "Wonderful Rife" is all about his escapades as an English teacher in Japan in the early 1990's. Sometimes he has some really steamy stories that are quite full …

"Gin no Sara" - Super Popular Sushi Commercial in Japan

This internet commercial is a huge hit in Japan now. It's for a sushi delivery company and it talks about the secrets that go on behind the scene of commercial shoots.

Here's a quick translation that I've made for you:

At 0:14 the director yells, "Cut! She is sweating!" 

Narrator (The guy with the mustache and glasses): "In the heat of summer we shoot winter scenes! When we shoot TV commercials there are so many scenes that we hide. 

0:21 Narrator: "That extremely smart dog won't act unless we use bait to get him to do his part... When he gets tired, we have a bunch of replacements for him..."

0:28 Narrator: "Shsssh! Our main actress is treated like God...." 

0:30 (Guy has lines written on his shirt) Narrator: "...She doesn't need to remember her lines..."

0:35 Narrator: "In the world of commercials, she has no wrinkles or lines... And we make her taller and skinnier..."

0:40 (Cell rings on assistant's phone) Narra…

Abenomics Has Failed

Well folks, Elvis has left the building. Abe had a big announcement today and failed to jawbone the market back into line. As of 3:25 pm on June 5, 2013, the Nikkei Stock Market and the US dollar/yen rate have announced the market's verdict: Abenomics have failed.

The yen has cracked to under ¥100 to the US dollar. Look out below! See the spike? That's when Abe began to speak... Gee, what happened within an hour? Your guess is as good as mine.

Bloomberg reports:

The yen gained against most of its major counterparts after Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s growth strategy failed to boost domestic stocks. 

Japan’s currency rallied against the dollar and euro after the Topix index of shares extended losses to more than 3 percent. The dollar erased earlier gains driven by speculation the Federal Reserve will scale back stimulus measures. A volatility measure of Group-of-Seven currencies was near the highest in more than three months...  

“The yen is swayed by the movement in equity p…

Smoke on the Water Japanese Traditional Instrument Style. 大江戸の火消し

This is awesome! A traditional style Japanese orchestra featuring tradition instruments and Japanese Traditional style Shamisen playing and "Naga-uta."



Keywords: Deep Purple, Smoke on the Water, Shamisen

Survival Under Atomic Attack film (1951)

By Mike in Tokyo Rogers
This short movie was created by the US Office of Civil Defense. I think it goes a long way in showing just how nutty these people we have in government are. It is, in some parts funny, in others just plain astounding... The propaganda purposes are always in forefront.

Especially the part, when referring to what happened in Japan after the atomic bombing, where they say that "That a large majority of people exposed to nuclear radiation  recovered completely including those who suffered radiation sickness." For more on that, see "Hiroshima and Nagasaki. What People Experienced."

Wikipedia says abut the US Office of Civil Defense:

The Office of Civil Defense (OCD) was an agency of the United States Department of Defense from 1961-64. It replaced the Office of Civil and Defense Mobilization. The organization was abolished on July 20, 1979, pursuant to Executive Order 12148. It was a predecessor to theFederal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

Oh, gr…

Final Battle Scene of Orochi 1925 Japanese Samurai Silent Film

I have found a wonderful 8 minute film showing an example of a silent movie from Japan from 1925. The movie is called "Orochi." 

Japan has always had a rich cinema industry and it might surprise many that silent films were made in Japan before 1900.

I am a big fan of silent films and thought that you would enjoy this too.

Here's the description taken straight from the Youtube channel of Saturnome:

Here's the final sword fight of Orochi, a obscure 1925 samurai film by forgotten director Buntaro Futagawa featuring star Tsumasaburo Bando.

It story concern a unlucky samurai who fall from grace due to various misunderstandings and tries to save his reputation. It's ending makes it different than what we are used to.

It's interesting how it feels like they're trying to capture a wild animal. The whole village is there, scared to death of a single, desperate and crazy-acting man. The battle ends when he kills someone in the crowd. Viewed as a monster by everybody, i…