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Alper Kul's "Only a Bomb to Nagasaki?"

By Mike in Tokyo Rogers

I have found a wonderfully done musical piece that has been edited to video for you by an artist named Alper Kul. Alper Kul is from Turkey and he works with electronic musical instruments such as the piano.

Alper Kul uploaded a fine work that I am proud to introduce to you. It is called "Only a Bomb to Nagasaki?" and is simply beautiful and powerful a the same time.

It brought great emotions and tears to my eyes. Please watch this and enjoy!


It is true that some of the scenes are Hiroshima and not Nagasaki but I think that doesn't detract one bit from the message and the beautiful music. I expect to be hearing more from Alper Kul in the future.

Alper Kul has a Facebook page here:

His Alper Kul Myspace is here.

If you write to him, tell him Mike in Tokyo Rogers sent you.


Keywords: Alper Kul, Atomic bomb, Nagasaki, Hiroshima, World War II,…

Write Down Your Goals to Achieve Them!...

"Life is difficult as it is so let us be good to each other." - C.S. Lewis
Today, I'd like to take a moment to highly recommend a book that has helped me greatly since the first time I read it and that is Brian Tracy'sGoals!I write down my top 10 goals everyday! Inspired by the author ofGoals!Brian Tracy (I also recommend another Tracy book,Focal Point)

In Goals!Tracy talks about how, if you are to succeed in life that you need to write down your goals in order to be able to achieve them. "Sure!" Everyone thinks this but I know few who actually do write them down. Trust that writing them down does help your sub-conscious to actually remember and activate your  brain to achieve the goals you set forth for yourself.
I write down my goals everyday in the morning when I wake up and, not only does doing so help me to achieve them, it also helps me to relax and stay much more focused. Who doesn't want to stay more focused in this day and age when our "in-bo…

I Will be Interviewed on a US East Coast TV News Program Tomorrow Sunday Feb. 24 (Sat. 2/23 US time)

I will be interviewed on Gary Franchi's program
I will be on an US East Coast TV news program being interviewed about issues concerning the differences between Japan and the USA dealing with gun control, expatriation, immigration, the economy and the view of the United States from here across the Pacific on Sat. 2/23 6 pm & 11 pm EST. (Japan time 8 am & 1pm Sunday, 2/24.) The interview starts at about the half way mark of the show and continues for a good 15 minutes. 

明日、2月24日, (日) 午前8:25~再び13:25~見てください:

Moving to Japan? Beware of the Culture Shock! Oh, and the Tentacles!

I have a friend whose son is moving to Japan. We've been having some correspondence and I really want to help my friend's son get acclimated and become successful in the Land of the Rising Sun (Gee, does that mean I have to immediately take him out every night getting so drunk we can barely walk home and have him start smoking two packs of cigarettes everyday within the first two days? No! That can wait at least a week or two!)

Seriously, I want to help any way I can so I thought I should bring up a nasty subject and that is about Culture Shock.

Here's what I wrote to my friend:

Culture shock can really screw people up. Years ago, I was the liasion between foreigners and the Japanese management for a big company in Tokyo. We had about 480 foreign staff. From that experience, I've seen people just totally and completely fall apart. Really.
It really hits people when they become ill with the flu or something. It happened to me!
I got the flu one time and was sick as a dog...…

The Collapse of Old Media - the Rise of Wi-Fi Broadcasting!

It's a recurring theme in many of my blogs; the old order is quickly collapsing right in front of our faces; TV and radio are dying a slow death. Now here is an explanation how Wi-Fi could be the final nail in the coffin.

Viewership and listenership of TV and radio are sliding down a steep slope. Of course, as for TV, think about it; anyone who has the time, in this day and age, to sit for 3 or 4 (more?) hours a day, everyday, in front of the TV must either be;

a) Jobless
b) Poor
c) Inactive
d) Lazy

Hate to be so rough sounding but I can't think of any sponsors who want to advertise or market to people who are inactive, lazy or have no money... Unless, of course, the sponsors are fast food or ice cream and sweets...

Most TV & radio stations are both heading the way of the Short-Wave or Ham radios. The Internet is allowing for totally new ways for entertainment to be delivered to a targeted audience. Why would sponsors waste huge budgets on TV advertising that advertises to EVERYB…

Cannot Compare USA and Japan - A Reader's Letter

Concerning my most recent article at Lew Rockwell, "Gun Control and Japan" in which I wrote; 

"Is directly comparing Japan’s gun laws and crime rate with the USA a good and logical comparison? Does this make sense? Are the progressives bringing up a point that is difficult to argue against? Can we make an apples-to-apples comparison using Japan against the USA?

The answer is no. Unfortunately for the progressives, we can’t sensibly make that comparison and I want to show you why it’s absurd to even consider it. The only things that might make sense in a Japan versus USA comparison might have to do with economics, automobiles, love of sushi and baseball (and I’m not so sure about the baseball part). If we are talking about gun control, crimes, or even universal health care, Japan and the United States are two animals that are as different as night and day...

...I think it must be pretty obvious to anyone who thinks about it when talking about gun control and crimes (or even…

Japanese Schoolgirls Now "Wearing Panties on Their Heads" Trend

OK. My friend in California, "Al", has written to me to ask if this "story about Japanese girl's wearing panties on their heads" trend is true.

I checked. It's true... Sort of... I'm not saying that there is a trend whereby Japanese high school girls are wearing panties on their head. I'm saying that it is true that there is a story about Japanese girls wearing panties on their heads as being a trend.

Well, no... Seeing is not believing. This is Japan after all!
And whenever there's this sort of nonsense of the Geek variety about Japan, I don't have any problem finding out about it. There's only one place to even bother looking to find the answer: The Akiba Blog!

I'm not saying this "trend" is true at all. All I'm saying is that I found this article; it is true that there is an article. Today, near the station, I saw dozens and dozens of high school girls walking home from school and did not see a one with panties on her he…

Japan is One of the Best Places to Live in the World Reason #4: You Call This Crime? Man Steals $6 Chocolate, Hits National News!

You read that headline correctly.

In Japan, last night on the headlines of the world's biggest newspaper, the Yomiuri Shimbun; a newspaper that was established in 1874 - that has over 13.5 million newspapers delivered daily, ran a Headline News story read about a 44-year-old man who stole some Valentine's Day chocolate because, "He wanted some."

Saints preserve us! Is this the beginning of some kind of out-of-control criminal crime wave sweeping the nation?

Yes. They have Hershey Kisses in Japan! (And on Valentine's Day in Japan, the girls give the guys the chocolate - NOT the other way around!)
Now, this isn't just a story about why Japan blows away most of the rest of the world when it comes to a lack of crime, it also is a story about the general psyche of people in this country. 

But first, here's a quick and simple translation of the story:

The Yomiuri Shimbun headlines read; 

"Man claims, after stealing chocolate, 'I wanted some.'"

On the …

First Plum Blossoms in Tokyo Feb. 14, 2013

There's an old guy who lives in an apartment building near me who also collects and raises Bonsai trees. I see him outside everyday taking care of the trees that are placed outside of his apartment building. What is wonderful about them is not only their beauty and the art, but the fact that they are worth hundreds of dollars each yet he doesn't lock them up and no one steals them or vandalizes them.

You know what would happen to them overnight in the USA, right?

Anyway, I walked by on Thursday and was very happily surprised to see the first blossoms in Tokyo that I have seen this year so far. They were on one of the old guy's Bonsai trees. I asked if I could take a picture and he was very happy to allow me to do so. So here I want to share them with you.

The first blossoms of 2013. For me, these represent good fortune and prosperity!

This is a photo of the entire Bonsai tree. I'd say it was about 2 feet tall (about 60 centimeters) tall and about twenty years old. The old …

How to Win at Life! - Positive Thinking Will Create Your Own Luck! The Joy is in the Action!

About one year ago today, I wrote a blog post entitled, "Winning at Raffles, Bingo and Winning at Life Are Exactly the Same! Here's 5 Simple Tips on How to Win at All of Them!" I know that it must have been about one year ago today because last night was the annual Bingo tournament at the local international school again and, just like last year, my son won again... In fact, he won four times out of twelve games. Granted that there's six to eight winners every game, so out of twelve games, there's a total of about 72 prizes... But in an auditorium of 700~800 people and most people playing more than two or three bingo cards, the odds of winning four times in one sitting are pretty minuscule.

A family that can spend time together having fun is winning at life!
That wasn't his record, though, one time he won five times in one sitting.

Anyway, from that blog post a year ago, "Winning at Raffles, Bingo and Winning at Life Are Exactly the Same! Here's 5 Simpl…