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Six O'Clock Hitler! Talking Dogs and Nazi Urinals!

WOAH! This "Six O'Clock Hitler" stuff is getting really heavy! To see the radio show homepage, click here

Anyway, this is a radio show "corner" that talks about the real, true stuff, that is quite bizarre about everyone's favorite dictator; Al Hitler.

We had two wild (but true) stories today!

Years of research by DR Jan Bondeson of Cardiff university has revealed the bizarre but true account of Hitler’s Nazi dog academy.Even more bizarre are the reports of the school’s successes; dogs writing poetry, stating preferred political candidates and imitating human voices. When asked who Adolf Hitler was, one canine apparently answered ‘Mein Fuhrer’.Regular dogs just point. Those German dogs asked questions!
Hitler ordered his army to investigate the possibility of using educated dogs in the field, enabling Nazi animal psychologists to create their ‘talking dog’ school. They were part of a tradition that believed dogs were nearly as intelligent as humans.Hitler’s …

One Time God Gave Me ¥400,000! (About $4,000!)

About 14 years ago or so, I was doing a very late night radio show and I would arrive home at about 2:30 ~ 3:00 am every night.

One night, when I got to my apartment, there was a bunch of trash on the street. I thought it must have been there from my oldest daughter (who was often making trouble with her wild friends) and was worried that the apartment attendant would complain so I began picking up the trash.
There was a lot of bags from McDonald's and empty drinks and french fries, hamburger wrappings.
Anyway, when I just about finished up cleaning, there was also an envelope on the street so I picked it up. When I did, I knew it felt different. I opened it and inside there was forty brand new ¥10,000 bills, in serial number order, inside of it. The envelope was plain and had no names or addresses or anything on it.
"Wow! I'm rich!" I thought.

While I was dreaming of all the bad things I could do with that money, I ran upstairs and told my wife Yuka, who was sound asleep…

Six O'Clock Hitler???? WTF????!!!! 6時のヒトラー?

OK. So I do this nationally broadcast FM radio show called, "6 O'Clock Yatsura" which roughly translates into, "Those guys at 6 O'Clock."

I started a new corner on the show (in keeping with the title "6 O'Clock Yatsura") called "6 O'Clock Hitler." Because, as everyone knows the two keywords to always say on any radio show to increase ratings are: "Sex" and "Hitler."

... Get it? "6 O'Clock Ya-su-ra..." "6 O'Clock Hi-to-ra..." 

No? Ok, well you gotta speak Japanese to get the joke (they sound alike)...

Anyhow, here's today's stories:

A new book has revealed that during the Second World War British forces came up with the idea of sneaking estrogen - the female sex hormone - into Hitler’s food to make him less aggressive.

The book - written by Professor Brian Ford - claims that British spies came up with the idea as the war seemed to be heading towards a stalemate.

Chosen for its taste…

The Making of a "Geisha" in Photos

Several years ago my friend, Ken Nishikawa (you can see his Youtube channel here), and I shot a commercial for an anniversary for the Fiat 500cc.

This is the making of that commercial:

Here are some of the stills from that commercial... This is the process that most people never see: The making of a "Geisha." 

All photos by Ayumi Maeno. Thanks to Matsuchiyo and Koichi for the costume and dressing. (Who is Matsuchiyo? Watch this....) As I recall, the entire make up and dressing for the "Geisha" took about 4.5 hours.

This is like a religious experience..... Enjoy!