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Awesome Documentary About Japan Self-Defense Force and the Reaction March 11, 2011 Tsunami & Nuclear Disaster; Never Before Seen Jaw-Dropping Videos

This is in Japanese but you don't need to speak Japanese to get the drift of what is going on here. It is a documentary about how the Japan Self-Defense Force reacted to the tsunami disaster on March 11, 2011. There are many clips here that have never before been seen that were shot from Self-Defense Forces buildings and helicopters.

Awesome stuff.

Of course, I am not pro-military but I think this shows one of the the big differences between Japan and the USA. This is what today's Japanese military does; it protects the nation and saves lives... Today's American military? Bombing people and killing people (American's too) around the world 24/7? The US military is certainly NOT protecting American freedom and democracy in any way shape or form. I wrote about that in Used By the State, Even in Death.

Consider the reaction of both militaries to natural disasters; Japan after the tsunami and the US military after Katrina.

"Subculture" Best Selling Book Free Download Starting Today!

This news just in! The bestselling novel, Subculture, is available as a FREE download on Amazon Kindle this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (June 29th through July 1st). Who can resist something FREE?  
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If that link doesn't work, try this one:
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Take This Job and Shove It! Nagoya Bus Driver Walks Out on the Job!

Have you ever thought “F*ck this! I quit!” But were too wimpy (like me) to actually get up and walk out? 

Well, according to Mainichi News, this one bus driver in Nagoya did exactly that yesterday.

It seems that the bus driver, who is unnamed, was driving a bus leaving Takahata station in Nagoya for the Nagoya City bus company. This bus route leaves the station every 12 minutes. At 1 pm he was scheduled to go on his drive. There were eight passengers on the bus. When the driver was approached by an old man and asked for directions, the driver helped the old man and this caused the bus to leave the station a minute or two late.

The male passengers on the bus began to shout at the driver “Hurry up!” “Let’s get going!” (In most assuredly a rude manner). So, just after the bus departed Takahata station, the driver slammed on the brakes of the bus, got up from the driver’s seat, and simply walked out. Just like that.

He later said that he “Had to get out of the driver’s seat to calm down.”


Newest Japanese Super Robot is a Cheater! Scissors, Paper, Stone Robot Who Never Loses Gets Caught on Camera Cheating!

Hot on the heels of that hilarious story and video about Robo Ji, here's one about a new Japanese robot that never loses at Scissors, Paper, Stone!

But, it's not really a story about a super robot that has awesome artificial intelligence, this robot is a cheater!

Caught on camera!

Refreshing News has the story in This robot will beat you ate scissors, paper stone 100% of the time:

...Yes, the robot cheats. By watching the image from a camera that can determine the position of your hand every millisecond, it is aware of your move the very moment you make it. And as soon as your hand starts to form that rock, the robot is giving you some paper to wrap it up. At the very end of the video, you can see the tiny delay between the human making a move and the robot reacting — but it happens so fast that you wouldn't notice except when shown in slow-motion....

Big deal. That's called, "Ato-dashi" (means "putting out late") I can do that too!

Only in Japan! Big Busted Sexy Japanese Girls in Bikini's Giving Golf Lessons! Boy, Does That Ever Make My Putter Stand on End!

Seriously? Yes. Seriously. Only in Japan. Big busted beauty queens in bikinis giving golf lessons. Real Player in Japan is really trying to gain market share here in Japan but 'm not sure the "Oyaji" (old men) way is the best way to do that.... But my friend Andrew says these videos give him "wood." I mean, he owns a wood and the videos made him want to get his wood out and play with it.
Yoko Matsukane
Sure, these girls are hot and I wouldn't kick them off the course for using a nine iron, but I'm not sure that golfers are heavy Internet users - especially in Japan where golf is a very expensive sport to pursue and is done mostly by older people! 
But never mind that! Watch Yoko Matsukane give her "lessons" here. I wish I could embed these videos, but I can't... Oh hell, I wish I could embed these girls, but I can't do that either! Life isn't fair!!!!!
Yukie Kawamura
Hello!? Sure, this does get me interested in golfing too, but I think …

Hilarious New Japanese Independent Film! Robo Ji!

This cracks me up. You don't even need to understand Japanese to get the basic drift of this trailer for this movie called, "Robo Ji!"

It basically starts out (at 10 seconds) about three guys who are under assignment to create a new type of robot for their corporation in time for the big Tokyo International Robot Fair. But everything they do fails.

Finally, they come up with a plan to fool their boss and the mass media and public by putting an old man inside of a robot outer case and having the old man become their "robot."

In Japanese, "Ji-san" means "grandfather" hence the funny name "Robo Ji."

The three stooges, er, I mean scientists interview a 73-year-old guy for the part of the robot and ask him during an audition,

"Can you show us your robot moves?" 

Later the (sort of senile) old guy, who is the stereotypical "dirty old Japanese man" (and picks his nose) is chosen for the part. I gather that he might have been…

Holy Sh*t!!! Brand New Never Before Seen Video of the 3/11 Tsunami! Awesome! Just Released!

This is some heavy stuff!

Thanks to Element who says, "Hence I'm likewise not at all interested in reading a hype/fear site like ENENEWS."

Leftist Liberal Environmentalists; People Hate Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook? (Or Are they Closet Racists?) Is It Psychology 101 - FAIL!)

This is humorous on so many levels...

I received a reader's comment that claims to be from Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook fame. While I figure that it's a pretty good bet that Mark Zuckerberg doesn't read my blog, the contents of the letter show just how far some people will go to confuse the issues and fail to discuss facts... 

This place's sushi was $1.20 a plate today. When their sushi gets to $15 a plate... They'll probably go bankrupt and the fishers will stop fishing for them.... Simple example of the law of Supply and Demand...

In yesterday's blog post, I turned an discussion from a typical self-righteous LL environmentalist on its head when I seemingly agreed that the fish should be protected and the best way to do that would be to start killing off Americans. In  They Call Fish "Brain Food" Because it is Supposed to Make You Smarter. More Americans Need to Eat More Fish; Just How Stupid Can People Be? I wrote: 

"We need to start decimating the …

Ruining Business in Japan and All Around: USA Pushing Iran and N. Korea Into a Shooting War

In spite of US government claims to the contrary,  US government policy towards Iran and North Korea cannot be described as anything but pushing those two countries into a corner to start a shooting war. The USA hypocritically claims to want peace and to be working towards peace, but the policies the USA pursues can only lead to war.

Japanese bank

A fair observer of these US policies cannot come to the conclusion that US actions are designed for peace. No! A fair and objective observer could only come to the conclusion that US policy is designed to start a war and make it look like the other side started the shooting.

As in many wars of the past, the US government acts like an innocent. But actions show the US government to be merely performing tricks and lying to maneuver the "other side" to take the first shot! Then the USA can claim, "they started it!" in some cynical attempt to gain some moral high ground. 

It's all old hat and smoke and mirrors that the USA ha…

World Most Peaceful Countries - Global Peace Index 2012

The Global Peace Index of 2012 has just been released. I thought it was great timing to learn of this just after yesterday's blog entitled, Bringing American Democracy, Freedom and Culture to the Benighted World whereby I railed on American exceptionalism and the utter notion that American democracy, freedom and culture is particularly special - or even wanted in other countries.

On the Global Peace Index's web page, it says, "The Global Peace Index has found that the world has become slightly more peaceful over the last year."

Well, I am not sure what they use for criteria, but the results might surprise you. One that isn't a surprise is Japan at #5... and, surely, the USA must be in the top 10, right?..... Wrong!:

After that, the list goes through all the usual suspects... At #49 Namibia, #50 Ghana, #62 Jordan, #64 Serbia,  #70 Cuba...  Finally at #88 The United States of America; just after those beacons of democracy, Ecuador, Swaziland, and Equatorial Guinea....

Bringing American Democracy, Freedom and Culture to the Benighted World

The other day I had the pleasure to go to MTV Japan and meet with my good friend, Jake (not his real name). While I sat in the lobby waiting, there was a big screen TV on and it showed the "Korea Top 10 Videos." I thought it strange that MTV Japan would be showing the Korea Top 10, but, I guess what sells get aired.

Beavis and Butthead. American junk culture? I don't know... Beavis and Butthead are not a problem. The problem is that there are 5 million American kids just like them. 

As I watched some girls group I was struck by how much of a copy of American Hip-Hop the video and music was; you know girls dressed like sluts and dancing like they are having orgasms on the stage.. Undoubtedly, it was a carbon copy of "American Junk Culture" Korea Style... Just like the Japanese style or even, I'm sure, the Thailand style shown on MTV Thailand or any other country. (By the way, I also consider today's fast food, most contemporary pop music, Hip Hop, and Punk…

Fukushima! Super Typhoons! The Destruction of the Entire Northern Hemisphere!... And the Most Deadly Subways in Tokyo!

Oh God! Monster Typhoons! Nuclear fuel rod pools that are about to fall over and destroy the entire Western civilization! The greatest short-term threat to world civilization! (Wait a minute, you guys just said the radiation had a half-life of 30,000 years! I don't know about you, but I don't think 30,000 years is very "short term.") 

What's a citizen to do? It's the end of the world!

Tokyo subway. (Use this photo freely as you wish!)

You are going to die!!! Well, yes. You are going to die. But before you do, we in the mass media are going to do our best to make you miserable with worry before you do.

Since March 11 of last year and the Fukushima disaster, Japan has had nothing but "Super Typhoons" that all were going to go directly over Fukushima and probably destroy the entire northern hemisphere of the world! ENENEWS (a site that survives on sensationalist headlines) reports in: 150 mph Super Typhoon Sets Aim at Japan: Fukushima near center of foreca…

Citi's Chief Economist: "Greece Will Be Forced Out of Euro" - The Greek Elections Don't Matter!

Got gold?

Citi's Buiter: Greece will be forced out of the euro regardless of who wins the Sunday elections
New Democracy. Syriza. Doesn't matter. According to Citi's senior political analyst Tina Fordham, chief economist Willem Buiter, and global economist Ebrahim Rahbari, "any new Greek government, regardless of its composition, will struggle with implementation challenges related to the imposition of further austerity measures demanded by the Troika in exchange for further assistance," and as a result, they "consider it likely that a new troika deal would ultimately fall apart and lead to Grexit."
Citi notes that there is growing sense among European leaders that "promotion of economic growth can no longer be subordinated completely, even in fiscally unsustainable euro area member states, to the requirements of fiscal austerity," but no one has any idea what that means.
This seems to be the current thinking, according to Citi:
"The only oper…

Prepare For a Shock! This Video is a Top Recommended on YouTube Japan

This particular video is on the top rotation for recommended video in Japan as of this very moment. It is a video that shows a tattoo convention in Columbia with some pretty horrible piercings (I mean like meat hook size piercings)...

Call me old-fashioned but I was blown away that this was a highly recommended video on YouTube Japan....


Many of the comments (written in Japanese, of course) were things like; "This makes me sick just watching it."

But, regardless of what I think, tattoos and piercing are extremely popular among young Japanese today... I once asked a young guy why he had some many tattoos all over his body and he replied, "I want to be different!" To which I said, "You mean like all your friends..."

He answered, "Yeah!"

You want to know how this guy is hanging in the air? Actually, you don't... But, if you can't resist, click the link and check the vide…

Beauty Contests and Sports Are Rigged? Say it Ain't So, Joe! (They Are)

Well, well, well... Lookie here. What do we have? Another rigged beauty contest? How timely and perfect for the Euros! (That's European soccer for some of you folks). How timely and perfect and a total reflection of our broken economy and society...

Artwork and photograph by Mike Rogers (please use freely!)

As I wrote in Quite Coincidental Results of Miss Universe Beauty Contests, Games and Sports After Japan Disasters

In the seminal George Orwell book, 1984, the protagonist Winston Smith is at his office working. He gets up from his desk and heads to the restroom. There he is greeted by his boss. His boss asks Winston if he saw the 'big game' last night. Winston answers in the negative. Then the boss says something like,"Wow! That was an exciting finish to a very exciting game! That's the best script we've written in a long time!" 

I think most people can already get what I am implying here. What I want to say is not a negative comment, nor a positive one. I…