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How Disco Music and Van McCoy and "The Hustle" Saved My Life

"Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it's time to pause and reflect." - Mark Twain

In the mid-1970s, disco music boomed onto the scene. It was everywhere and everyone liked it. That is, everyone, excepting for me and a few of my dork friends. We hated disco music and everything that had to do with disco music with a passion. I hated the music, lyrics, fashion, dance steps and cliques. Still do.

That being said, though, that disco boom of the mid-seventies and, especially, the massive 1975 group dance hit by Van McCoy, "The Hustle," saved my life... 

If you are over 40 or so, you probably know that disco hit called, "The Hustle." Not only was this a smash hit on radio, it brought back a group dance boom that the United States hadn't seen since the mid 1960s with dances like "the Twist" and "the Madison." I'll bet that there are very many people reading this right now who have never heard of "the Madison…

Morgan Stanley Reports: Japan's Total Debt, Public, Private and Household, is More Than 600% of GDP

At least we're not the UK... And at least Greece isn't the USA.

Zerohedge reports in "We Are Number One!", Or Why At Least Broke Greece Is Not America 

The article talks about public debt then continues...

When one adds private financial and household debt, things get truly hilarious, as seen on the following chartalso from Morgan Stanley(which unfortunately excludes such critical components of public debt as contingent and NPV of pension and healthcare) which shows why the UK, with its 950% global consolidated debt/GDP, is quite fond of infinite rehypothecation, or the iterational “fractional reserve” creation of credit money from one asset (most likely robo-signed away to someone, unclear quite who: just ask Jon Corzine how fiat money can evaporate when one tries to match it with the “asset” that spawned it), as many times as necessary to pay those record banker bonuses.

It's as I mentioned so many times in the past, folks... In Japan's case, like the rest of t…

Groupie Accidentally Sleeps With Bass Player! Shocking But True Story! Mistakes Bassist for "Someone important!

The headlines read:
Groupie Accidentally Sleeps With Bass Player! Shocking But True Story! Mistakes Bassist for "Someone important!"Ha! Ha! Ha! Trust me folks, the most troublesome (and disposable) members of any rock band are the bassist and/or drummer. I'm not sure which is worse. 

Sure there have been freaks of nature like Keith Moon (drummer for the Who) and guys who idiots who like rock music think are good bassists like John Paul Jones (I mean, how difficult could it be to play the bass anyway? There's only four strings!), but actually, bass players and drummers all suck and are as expendable as nail clippers on a one-night stand... Guitarists and singers... Do yourselves a favor and get a machine... Lots less trouble!

Not exactly "Miss Suzie Homemaker"... What a waste of good steak for a bass player!
To prove my point, here's an article that I just came across from Louisville, Kentucky: Groupie Accidentally Sleeps With Bass Player.... God! And I thou…

The Incredible Power of Two Little Words: Sometimes Listening & Telling Someone "I'm Sorry" is the Best Thing You Can Do!

"Silence is the true friend that never betrays" - Confucius

Sometimes just having someone listen and say, "I'm sorry!" is worth so much to our lives.... How powerful two little words can be is simply amazing.

A dear friend of mine asked me about a past experience in the music business in Japan that happened to me long ago. I can't really explain in much detail what happened because if I do, it will hurt too many people today.

What happened made me very angry and still does, or did, to this very day. The actions of one person damaged the love and the art of artists and the families and children of those artists and so many people associated. It made me so very angry at the time that I saw red. I still do if I dwell upon it.

When my friend asked about it, I did something that I had never done before, I told someone outside my family what had happened. I became furious again as I was explaining what had happened...

My friend read my comments and answered;


Japanese Government Guilty of Negligence in Deaths of Children in March 11 Tsunami - Guilty of Future Negligence too

Here we go again with government double-talk and obfuscation...

One day, the government says we don't have money so they need to raise sales taxes, the next day they give away billions of taxpayer dollars to their crony friends in other countries...

This is just a lesson in reading between the lines and knowing that whatever the government does or says there has to be some hidden ulterior motive. The government pronouncements that go along with their often scatological actions often mean the exact opposite of what they say... The government doesn't really do anything, except for finding ways to spend tax monies and posing like they are doing something.

You know, "War is peace. Freedom is slavery..." type of stuff... Orwell....

Don't believe me? Here's proof today. The government spent millions of dollars making a video to ostensibly protect children in the case of a natural disaster but when it comes to actually doing something concrete towards those ends, well, …

Today is the First Day of the Rest of Your Life

I made a placard for my eight-year-old son that says this old and very useful phrase and I gave it to him and explained it to him at breakfast one day. It sits by the window where he can see it when he walks into the dining room. It says, "Today is the first day of the rest of your life."

When I gave it to him, the purpose was to help him (and me) appreciate the value of making the little effort everyday to do the best - even in mundane tasks. After all, isn't there a saying that goes something like, "From a speck of dust a mountain is born"? 

I want my son to be a person who always does his best in everything... I want him to make the effort to succeed... 

I seriously want him to be the person I always wanted to be.

I am about to turn 55-years-old. I think that's an odd situation. Fifteen years ago, I had just turned 40. Isn't life supposed to begin at 40? Or so I had heard. Fifteen years ago I was 40. In fifteen years from now I will be 70.

Where have the …

Guest Post: Japan Intends to Continue With US Beef Imports, Despite The Discovery Of Mad-Cow Disease in California

By Imogen Reed (guest writer)
Beef Imports Continue
Japan has stated that it has no intention of suspending the import of U.S. beef, despite the discovery of so-called ‘mad-cow’ disease in the US state of California, according to officials from the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture.

Statement From Agriculture Minister
The director of the ministry’s animal health affairs office, Minoru Yamamoto, made a public statement on the issue declaring, “We are importing beef from the U.S. under rules agreed between the two nations, based on the assumption that mad-cow disease has not yet been eradicated.” Outlining the ongoing plans from the ministry on the issue he added, “We don’t plan to halt imports because of the discovery in the U.S.” This, however, does not mean that there will not be a negative impact as a result of the discovery and planned improvements in the market have been put on hold.
First Case in Six Years
For the first time in six years the disease, which attacks the brain and nervous …

Just for Laughs in Japan? Funny Videos That You'd Watch?

I told my dear friend, George Williams over at the website to introduce the Just for Laugh website to the Japanese public. I hope he does but am not sure that he will... I would do it but this blog is about Japan, Media and Marketing so I'd like to keep it that way, even though I often variate off course.

Nevertheless, I thought about making my own "Just for Laughs" Japan style as I do own a TV and radio production company and do make videos..... Hmmmm? Maybe it's a nice idea for a hobby! It would have to be a hobby as I can't see how to make money doing it.

Here's three funny videos that fit the the "Just for Laughs" format that I thought you'd enjoy!

I like them. What do you think? 

What do you think? Should I try to do this in Japan? Can I make an interesting show that you'd watch?