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Idiots in Japanese Government - Intervenes in Yen Again!!!

What did I tell you?

The Japanese government has thrown away another several hundred billion dollars down the toilet by intervening in the Yen's rise. 

From Bloomberg:

Yen Drops Versus Euro, Dollar as Japan Intervenes for the Third Time This Year

The yen dropped by the most in three years against the dollar as Japan stepped into foreign-exchange markets to weaken the currency for the third time this year after its gains to a postwar record threatened exporters.“I’ve repeatedly said that we’ll take bold action against speculative moves in the market,” Japanese Finance Minister Jun Azumi told reporters today after the government acted unilaterally. “I’ll continue to intervene until I am satisfied.”The yen weakened against the more than 150 currencies that Bloomberg tracks as Azumi said he ordered the intervention at 10:25 a.m. local time because “speculative moves” in the currency failed to reflect Japan’s economic fundamentals. Today’s drop reversed this month’s previous gain by the ye…

I Was a Middle-Aged Drag Queen and Why Being a Woman is Tough!

Last night I was a drag queen. I dressed up as a woman. From that experience, and what I learned in just a few hours of "being a woman," I can safely say that I think all men should dress up like a woman for at least one day in their life. It will do much to diffuse the battle of the sexes.

Even though last night wasn't actually Halloween, it was the night of most of the Halloween parties in Tokyo. I dressed up as a woman. I have always wanted to dress up like a woman (ala Monty Python) last night was the fulfillment of a lifelong dream.

I never want to do that again. 

After just a few hours of getting prepared, going out, trying to socialize with people and then coming home completely and totally exhausted, I have come to have a much better understanding and sympathy for the fairer sex. Frankly speaking, being a woman sucks.

I don't mean that in any derogatory way towards women. I just think that if I say, "It's great to be a gu…

Japanese Insurance Companies Stop Payments for Jews, Catholics, Cross-dressers, Left-Handed People, Club Members, Punks and Yakuza

Well, they haven't stopped life insurance payments for Jews, Catholics, Cross-dressers, Left-Handed People, Club Members and Punks... Yet. But they have stopped payments to some families because of their associations, namely to so-called yakuza and their associates. This is outrageous and a crime in plain view.

I relish the idea that I can cop from the old police detective TV shows when I say, "Something smells bad about this."

Both are criminal organizations. But only one bombs and killsinnocent people 24/7 in the Middle East.

The recent crackdown on the Yakuza in Japan is not motivated by any recent domestic developments or problems on the home front. I submit to you, dear reader, that this crack down is motivated partly by US government pressure and is just another of many scams being perpetrated by our government to steal money to help pay for the financial disaster that the western governments (Japan included) have engineered that is about to befall on all of us regula…

Famous Lincoln Quote About Internet

The trouble with quotes on the Internet is that it's difficult to determine whether or not they are genuine - Abraham Lincoln

Thanks to Tim Williams

The Millionaire Businessman's Way of Motivating Children (and the Child Inside All of Us!)

Motivate your children!

What child doesn't want to feel like a winner?What adult doesn't have a child inside?

Yesterday's post about being a good salesman and selling by taking the time to find out what people want and thereby motivating them to talk to you and buy your services. In that post: Good Salesmen Do Not Sell Their Product... They Sell Solutions For Customer's Problems please refer to:

Whether with an introduction or none, the good salesman will always be able to open doors and start conversations when their approach is totally geared upon providing a solution to the prospective customers needs.

The client is not interested in what you want to sell. The client is only interested in finding a solution to their problem.

If you can be a part of that solution, you will be a great salesman and make big money. So remember to always think of your prospective customer needs first. Never meet a new client and start discussing your product. Always start discussions on their…