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Empathy Survey - How Do You Feel When You See a Child Suffering?

I just bought a book by one of my favorite political columnists, Ted Rall. In the foreword, he talks about compassion and empathy. 

He wrote about a time he saw a homeless man and thought, "Thank god, if it weren't for a few lucky breaks, that could have been me." I've thought the same thing before many times too.

How about you?

I agree with what Ted writes in the book and will have a review of "The Year of Loving Dangerously" soon... But, until then, this...

I wonder about people today and think there are far too many people who feint compassion and concern, but it's all an act. Take, for example, the disaster of the earthquake and tsunami of March 11 in Japan. So many people I know were actually sincere and got off their asses and did something...

But I also thought there were way too many people who only helped and contributed because it made them look good doing so. There's nothing so wrong with that, I suppose, as long as people are honest with them…

Social Media Throws Common Sense and Manners Out the Window

I just got a notice from Twitter that an "Automated Mailing Service" has now started following me. I suppose they mean that they want me to start following them back? An automated robot junk-mailing service wants me to start following them? Are they kidding? Why in the world would anyone follow a automated junk mailing service?

Maybe they got my mailing address confused with the mailing address of my kitchen toaster? Maybe she'd be interested in junk mail generated by a robot. I'm not.  

Today the rules on manners and how friends, acquaintances and strangers alike are treated have been turned on its head.

Social Media, as a supposed source of bringing more people together faster, has also brought along with it a distinct lack of common sense and manners 

In the race to accumulate as many fake friends and followers as possible, tradition and common courtesy have been thrown out the window.

It used to be that little things that we took for granted as to how our…

Marketing, Internet, SEO & SEM Experts? and CEOs? Charlatans Everywhere!

If you were to judge the amount of Tweets you get from people who claim to be Marketing, Internet, SEO and SEM experts or CEO's, you'd think the US economy was booming. Jobs galore. But it would all be just an illusion.
I often get Tweets from people who claim to be "Internet Marketing Experts" or "SEO Marketing Experts..." I wonder by what measure they use to give themselves this sort of classification? 
The ones that immediately raise red flags for me are the ones who claim to be "CEO" of some company yet, judging by their photo, they don't look to be much older than 25 or 30.
I've never met any good CEO's who were under 35-years-old. I'm not saying they don't exist, but the big guns and real players are not 30-year-old CEO's of little companies with classification of LLP, LLC or family organizations.
Those are the sorts of titles I hate. Why even bother with the title of CEO?  I mean,…

What is True Prosperity?

There is an ancient Chinese Buddhist Zen story about prosperity.

It goes something like this:

There was a very wealthy land-owning family in a village and one day they decided to build a huge family home on their land. This house was to be an almost palace in its grandeur for the entire area. There was no expense too great for this home as they wanted it to be a symbol of their family and they wanted it to stand for many years.

Once this great home was nearing completion, the grandfather and the sons called a famous priest to write a scroll blessing the family, the home and their future prosperity.

The priest accepted the job and went back to the temple to meditate.

After a short time he returned to the house and opened the scroll and proudly held it up on the wall.

The scroll said,

"Grandfather dies,

father dies,

son dies,

grandson dies."

The family were furious. They were enraged and began insulting the priest, threatening him and demanding that he take the scroll back and change wha…

I Wish I Could Remain a Child Forever

I suppose it always happens like this for everyone. My father died last night. 

Last night, when I came home from work, I got a message that said, 


I am so sorry to tell you this, your father passed away last night. I don't know the details, I am waiting for your brother to get home. Now he is at peace. Please call if you need to talk."

I don't need to talk about it. Just write, I suppose. When I heard the news, I wasn't shocked, but thought, "Gee, I just talked to him the other day and he seemed fine."Well, maybe he wasn't fine but he sounded better than he did several weeks ago.Before he died he told me that the only three things that ever mattered to him were the US marines, my mom and us three brothers.My mom died about 16 years ago.Hopefully, his spirit can reside with my mom's now. I said a prayer for him.
I have missed my mom all this time. I'll miss my dad. From today, now, I must take the position in my immediate family that my m…

Proof You're Getting Old: You Smell "Dusty"!

Please don't be offended at the title of this post. Do old people smell dusty? Do old people smell bad or funny?

Like I said, please do not get angry at me about this comment, direct your anger to my ex-friend Tom.

Let me explain... Tom insulted me the other day. He said I smelled like an "old guy." I thought we were friends.... Guess not.

GIORGIO ARMANI - AQUA DI GIO - WOMENI don't know, but this stuff looks like it smells like the ocean or maybe fish... Or, even fish bait. And what's the deal with that jet airplane and the boat?
Airplane fuel? Diesel? Fishes? Yeah! That's it. 
Smells like shark bait! "Oh baby! I love that salty smell!"

Remember when you were a little kid and your grandparents or some older family friends would come over to visit you? It would be someone like aunt Emma and uncle Fred from Philadelphia who your parents hadn't seen in ten years but they loved them so dearly. Remember?
In return, aunt Emma and uncle Fred loved you so muc…

How to Achieve Enlightenment

I've always wanted be to be smart, wise and patient. I've always wanted to be like these older guys at work who always smiled, held high positions of esteem and were well liked and respected by their peers and everyone at work.

I've meet lots of these types of people. Many of them were the presidents of huge companies that dealt with hundreds, if not thousands, of employees. They handled hundreds of millions of dollars in their corporate daily affairs... 

And, almost every one of them, has been a very calm, patient, wise and polite gentleman. I've know and worked with some of them almost everyday for a few years and never seen them get bent out of shape or too worried about the little things that seem to drive most of us crazy.

I know one of them very well and he retired at 48-years-old, is a multi-millionaire, and he never gets upset about anything.

When I grow up, I want to be like him.

In my life, I've always wanted to become more patient and understanding of people.…

Wishing, Hoping and Believing

Wishing, hoping and believing. The three are close in definition. But there's a huge difference. I think people too often get them confused and use them interchangeably to their own disadvantage. I think it is best to know exactly what they mean. Words have meanings and using them incorrectly can cause a disadvantageous situation.

Wish is an intransitive verb. Merriam Webster defines "wish" as, "To have a desire for (as something unattainable)." Related words are, "crave," "hunger," "covet," "desire."

"Unattainable"? Well, that's no good. It looks to me here that "wish" is sort of a waste of time.

"Hope" is defined as, "To cherish as desire with anticipation," or "to desire with expectation of obtainment."  "Expectation of obtainment"? Well, that's a bit better.

How about believing? "Believe" is defined as "To have a firm religious faith" …

What is Your Purpose?

"What is the mission of this company?" That was the question that I was supposed to answer.

I was to give a short speech to some investors who were thinking about investing $1 million (USD) into my small start-up company. One million dollars is not a lot of money as far as investments into start ups goes, but in this economy, and especially for me and my partners, it was the difference between life and death for our fledgling company.


One of my partners kept insisting that I say something like, "We intend to become to biggest, most profitable company in the niche within 3 years..." and padding that with a bunch of fancy words to make it sound better. Those words were "money," "gains," etc... He kept saying that these investors were not interested in philosophy. He said they were only interested in the bottom line.

I strongly disagreed. Basically what he wanted to say was, "We want to make money. Lots o…