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The Scourge That is Much Worse than Radiation

Surely, the accident at Fukushima has uprooted many people and changed their lives forever. It is under debate how many people will have their health affected by this disaster.

This article is about another hazard that is afflicting the youth of today. This hazard, this disaster, is going on right now all over the western world; and it is going on right in front of people - and these children's parent's faces - sometimes with those parent's blessing no less! 

This scourge is a slow killer. It destroys minds and imaginations. It is draining the lifeblood out of our youth. Just go to any American city and you will see hordes of obese children who are involved in this past time and, no, I'm not talking about junk food - although that can be said much about.
Previous generation role model

This unstoppable tsunami of brain damage is destroying lives right in front of our faces yet very few are doing anything to stop it. It is a scourge that is destroying the minds of youth toda…

Politics and Power: Creating Bankruptcy and a Real Nuclear Disaster in Japan

The only thing we learn from history is that we learn nothing from history - Friedrich Hegel (1770 - 1831)

A couple of recent articles on Japan have hit my eye. They both have to do with money and how poorly the Japanese government have handled the economy and how the regular Japanese is paying the price.

The first article is about another doofus who thinks that a Japanese government takeover of TEPCO, the company that owns the crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant, is the answer to our problems. Read this article and wonder no more how this guy never got a job in the real world.

The traditionally left wing Asahi Newspaper reports about how Tadashi Maeda, an adviser to Prime Minister Naoto Kan, has proposed the nationalization of all nuclear power plants in Japan as a means to secure the long-term viability of atomic energy:(Tadashi) Maeda, chief of the Corporate Planning Department of the Japan Bank for International Cooperation, said during a recent interview with The Asahi Shimbun th…

Stunning Revelation! Tokyo Man Grows Testicles Out of Cranium! Fukushima Radiation?

Shocking Revelation! Man in Tokyo with testicles on his head stuns onlookers!

Train passengers in the greater Tokyo metropolitan area were shocked on their morning commute today by the appearance of what seems to be an elder gentleman who has testicles protruding from his cranium.

"He looks somewhat like a shriveled upside down penis!" shrieked one woman.

A spokesperson, who wished to remain anonymous, tried to calm passengers and the public at large by reassuring those that these recent sightings of the "Testicle Headed Man" were not related in any way to the Fukushima nuclear accident.

Train poster of the Testicle Headed man

Still many of the western press and the anal retentive segments of the foreign community in Japan insist that there is a government cover up and conspiracy. Some were quoted as saying, "They found rabbits without ears, and car air filters that were radioactive, didn't they?"

One commuter, a businessman in his late 40's said, "…

Free Rock Concert July 24, 2011 in Shibuya!


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Radiation Effects? Baby Born with Three Arms!

Several weeks ago, the western media were all aghast at a rabbit being born without ears in Fukushima. At first, many attributed that event to radiation.

I even had some people write nonsense to me like, "See? Admit you were wrong. Plants and animals mutating are proof of a nuclear disaster!" Again, I will admit that the nuclear problem in Fukushima is a huge problem for the nearby area, but for us in Tokyo, hundreds of miles away, and even further, it is not a big problem.

I already showed that the nonsense about the rabbit being born without ears was most probably not caused from Fukushima as earless rabbits are born all the time and I showed that plant mutations were observed and written about as early as the late 18th century. In MSNBC Links to my Blog About Earless Rabbitts and Fukushima Radiation! I wrote:

".... a while back demolishing that hyperventilated sensationalist nonsense that people were touting as proof positive that radiation from Fukushima was causing bi…

Anal Retentive Foreigners in Japan

The term in Japanese is ”ケツの穴ちいちゃい男” (Ketsu no ana chichai otoko) it literally means "A guy with a tight a*shole."

You'll never learn this term in any Japanese language textbooks or even from most Japanese friends. I learned this term from working with some Japanese comedian (Taro Furukawa) for over 12 years. Taro is one of my best friends. He is a real rock and roller and he and I have been involved with many legal and illegal activities before which shall remain unnamed.

He's the one who taught me this term, "Ketsu no ana chichai otoko".

Taro Furukawa

"Ketsu no ana chichai otoko" means "a guy with a tight a*shole" but, in English, I think it is closer to being "anal retentive."

Trust me that, god damn! there's a sh*t load of anal retentive foreigners in Japan. Really, I'm not kidding. Sh*tloads of them. The fact that I won't write "shitloads" and instead write "sh*tloads" shows that I am and wimp …

Attack of the Radioactive Giant Jellyfish

OK, well, I lied on that post about being a suicide blogger. I decided that I am going for the sensationalism! We're doomed! Giant Radioactive Jellyfish are Attacking Japan's Nuclear Power Plants!

Death and destruction! The world holds its breath as Japan waits for the inevitable Armageddon and apocalyptic end!... Read on!

As if Japan doesn't already have enough troubles to deal with concerning nuclear power plants and hyperventilating journalists telling us that it's the end of the world, now we're under attack by jellyfish.... Again!

No, these are not the giant jellyfish that, quite coincidentally, attacked Japan and that I reported on the very morning of the March 11 earthquake and tsunami lead to the nuclear accident at Fukushima nuclear power plant! I faithfully wrote about it in Japan's Attack of the Giant Jellyfish from Space that reported:

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. It's true! It has been reported from Hiroshima, of all places, that horde…

You Need a Laugh

Sunday morning in Japan. It's going to be an excellent day.

Here's a short from the movie "One Crazy Summer" that should give you a chuckle.

If the movie doesn't play, go watch it here. It's pretty funny.
Thanks to Steve "Poots" Candidus.

Steve also always sends along these great quotes to ponder:

"...In order to really enjoy a dog, one doesn't merely try to train him
to be semi-human. The point of it is to open oneself to the possibility
of becoming partly a dog..."   -   Edward Hoagland

"...Heaven goes by favor. If it went by merit, you would stay out and
your dog would go in..."  -   Mark Twain