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I Thought the Japanese Pampered Their Mutts

I thought the Japanese Pampered Their Mutts. A woman in England has bought her dog a Rolex!

The Daily Mail is there:

BORDER Terrier Smike's owner can't be strapped for cash - she bought him a dog collar with a built in £2,500 Rolex watch.Pet lover Karen Denney, 30, got her watchdog's bling birthday gift from a pet wear store in St Helens, Merseyside, near her home.Designer Alison Jones, 27, said: "It's the ultimate accessory."

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Nuclear Panic Time? What is Important to You?

I often wonder what people are thinking and how they deem what is important to their lives or not. I never ever wonder if people watch too much TV (they do) or if they are brain-washed by the mass media (they are).

While searching for relative and credible information on the Fukushima nuclear accident and nuclear power in general, I found a forum called, in the expected creative fashion of physicists (I suppose) "Physics Forum" on the Internet that is used by various mathematicians, scientists,  nuclear engineers and physicists to discuss the issues of the day. Some of the things discussed there I found quite interesting. 

There were several threads about Fukushima. The discussions were quite level-headed, it seemed, with a healthy bashing of mass media sensationalism... Just like you've read on this very blog. There were also many scientific comments about the levels of radiation from Fukushima and how the situation was being way blown out of proportion.

I am going to list…

Sex Services in Japan First to Get Back to Business After Earthquake

Japan is slowly getting back to business. It's about time. When the government tells us that we shouldn't celebrate because of the March 11 disaster and that we should cancel festivals, Hanami and other drinking parties, that only serves to hurt local business and the economy.

The best thing any of us can do is to try to get our lives back to normal and get the economy going. We need to work, we need to sleep, we need to play.... I certainly need to go out drinking and enjoying life more. 

I can't imagine anyone else who doesn't need to go out and enjoy life more.

Well, hats off to the world's oldest profession. It seems that right after the Tohoku disaster,  sex- related  service industries were the first back to business. 

The excellent Tokyo Reporter has the story for us:

Even the horrifying death and devastation that struck northeastern Japan on March 11 could not suppress the human sex drive for long. Friday (June 10) reports that sex businesses were among the firs…

Hourly Updated Radiation Levels in Tokyo Posted by Scientific Institution

Click here for a comparison of current radiation levels and pre-quake levels in Shinjuku, see here for water

Click here for regular up-to-the-hour updated information:

Next, updated daily and hourly from the Advanced Industrial Science and Technology Unit in Tsukuba (Tsukuba is between Tokyo and the accident site at Fukushima. It is about 75 kilometers north of Tokyo, and 150 kilometers south of Fukushima). Is an updated hourly summary of radiation measured in microSv/hour.  You can view thedaily and hourly radiation level updates here

Here is an chart from the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology's National Metrology Institute of Japan webpage. It shows what typical radiation levels (measured in microSv) are in our daily lives: 

What a Difference a Day (25 Years) Makes

If Japan fails to end industrial policy, its postwar developmentalism may be judged a failure.
--Yasusuke Murakami, 1996
Maria Grever - Cuando Vuelva A Tu LadoYou might recognize the melody. It is "What a Difference a Day Makes." This song was written by a Mexican composer named Maria Grever and it was originally in Spanish!
"How could this have happened?" Japan, the nation that just 25 ~ 30-years ago was predicted by many to dominate the world spent most of the 1990's and the 2000's just struggling to stay afloat. In fact, the only reason why Japan did stay afloat was massive government spending on useless public works projects and the like.
Today, Japan's debt stands at 225% of GDP. The cupboards are laid bare and with the continuing troubles all around the world with rising food and oil prices, not to mention the recent disaster in Japan do not bode well. Things are headed for a clash this year, I predict.

Mike Whitney says:

....(USA) unemployment is on t…

Living in Japan - White Cultural Superiority Complex

White Cultural Superiority Complex? This girl says it all. This applies in Japan or anywhereelsewhere in Asia.Japan Talk 12: Living in Japan as a foreigner - Re: BobbyJudo Response Video

Japan Talk 13: アメリカで「外人」でいること Being a Foreigner in America:

Police Start Shooting Protestors in Spain w/Rubber Bullets- Still Not News in Japan

Astounding. The peaceful demonstrations in Spain are over. The people have begun beating people and shooting them with rubber bullets. As usual, Japanese news is eerily silent on the matter. What's going on here? 
THE CLASH - REVOLUTION ROCKGoogle reports that the government has sent in police in Barcelona with truncheons and they are beating peaceful demonstrators and shooting them with rubber bullets. Google reports:

Police fire rubber bullets at protesters in BarcelonaBARCELONA — Spanish police fired rubber bullets and swung truncheons to disperse anti-crisis protesters in a Barcelona square Friday as cleaning crews cleared their tent camp.Catalan police in anti-riot gear moved in after about 50 protesters sat down on the street to block a convoy of cleaning trucks leaving the Plaza de Cataluna square with remnants of the encampment.Police, some with plastic shields, were shown on television dragging protesters along the street and swiping with truncheons at activists, who had be…