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Giant Robo (ジャイアントロボ) and the Romanticist Japanese

Yesterday, I wrote about the world's first robot marathon that was held by Japan. See that article and some very funny videos here.

Japan has always had a certain flair for robots (be they real, giant or otherwise) and when I was a kid growing up in America, we always thought it was strange. Even though my mom was Japanese, us kids living in the Midwest USA thought these Japanese cartoons and TV shows were not cool.
How little did we realize that this 60's Japanese Kitsch was extremely cool.... The ones who weren't cool were us dorky kids who wouldn't recognize cool if it came up and slapped us in the face!
When a good friend and regular reader sent in a Youtube video link to Giant Robo for me after reading that article about the robot marathon, I clicked on it and watched. "Ah!" I thought, "I remember this TV show! His finger is a rocket!"
A few seconds later, when the theme song to Giant Robo came through the computer speakers, my wife heard it and ra…

You Need a Break. Two Minutes of Funny Videos!

It's a Sunday night and I surf the Internet and find these silly videos. This one is merely two minutes long but you can get 10 minutes worth of laughs. It never ceases to make me chuckle.

From I Am Too Curious:

Happy April Fools! This is a hilarious compilation of some of the best Japanese pranks we have ever posted.

EMBED-Funny Japanese Pranks - Watch more free videos

Surely, "Laughter is the best medicine!"

Marc Faber - "Still not too late to get in on gold and silver"

Got gold or silver? The other day, I gave you more reasons to protect yourselves.

Yesterday, Marc Faber Gloom, Boom & Doom Report  publisher chimed in:

"Nominally, gold has surpassed its record highs of the early 1980's (and silver is well on it's way). In real terms, adjusted for inflation, gold would have to hit roughly $2300 per ounce to have the same "value" as what it had in the 1980's."

Get that? " would have to hit roughly $2300 per ounce"!?

Marc Faber "USA & Japan could default."

I also wonder if you good folks living in Japan caught this one: World’s Largest Pension Fund Needs to Sell Japanese Bonds; Japan’s Demographic Time Bomb Officially Goes Off:

Deflation Irony

The irony in this madness is that all the Japanese people want is their money back. They are not looking for appreciation. They do not have absurd pension plan assumptions like the 8% expected returns we see in the US. They do not want stocks, or real e…

Robot Marathon Held in Japan

This is pretty funny! In Japan, a robot marathon race started last Thursday and just finished running a few moments ago. Take time to watch the videos below. They are definitely worth a few laughs.

But, now, I'd like to be the first to announce the winner to the English press. 

Ladies and gentlemen... The winner is.... er, this dude....

Heck, what's his name? I don't know. Let's just call him "Mr. We Love Osaka Dude." He's, er,... she's, it's the winner of the world's first robot marathon ever held and it's was an exciting race!

Omedetou gozaimasu! (Congratulations!)

National Post Reports:

Robot Marathon Ran in Osaka

A group of knee-high androids have crossed the starting line in Osaka, Japan for the first ever robot marathon, reported the BBC. The race, which started on Thursday, is expected to take about four days and will require 423 laps around an indoor track. The rules are as follows: bot operators are allowed to change robots' batterie…

Japanese Girl's Dream Come True! Nose Lifter

You'd be surprised to know that most Japanese (well, all Asians in general) think they have a flat nose. I don't know about that. I like their noses just they way they are, thank you.

Can you imagine if every Japanese girl ran around with a schnozzola like Jimmy Durante?

No thanks.

Well, anyway. Japanese girls think their noses are too flat. You'd think this was no big deal but I've met many girls who claim that because their nose is too flat, they cannot wear fashion brand designer sunglasses. Now, for a country full of women who think about designer goods constantly, THAT IS a problem!

I'm not making this up.

Just to show you how much of a preplexing drama the Japanese actually perceive this as being, a company has come out with a gadget that they claim can lift the bridge of your nose. Talk about snake-oil salesmen!

Geeky Gadget reports:

Do you dream of having a more beautiful, higher nose? But you shy away from going to a plastic surgeon? Then you might want to check …

Bloggers Unite! High Quality, Original Content is King!

Writing a blog can be a very tiresome, worrisome, frustrating and exhausting experience... It can also be hugely rewarding. Recently, the Net has taken down governments with Bloggers, Tweeters and Facebooker's taking the lead role. 

Shouldn't you start to stake your claim by starting a blog?

It might be the most rewarding thing you undertaken in years! It is for me.
XTC - King for a DayCurrently, I am spending my time coaching two wonderful people on the virtues of blogging and how it will help them and their business grow. Coaching is a lot harder than I thought it would be. I sometimes am asked to blog or teach blogging to people, but, with these two, it is the very first time I've ever said, "Yes!" I said "Yes!" to these folks because I believe they have some great insights and I know they have some experiences and expertise that no one else has.  

My "students" are incredible people. They can add a world of knowledge and information to help us…

Japan! Can You Dig it?

Can you dig it?

Japan does it again! We have some great contests in this country. I wrote recently about the contest whereby guys thousands of guys, dressed only in a loincloth, gather together at a temple to try to grab their "sacred wood."

Yeah. That's one that you just don't want to miss.

But I just found out about another contest in Narita that I missed! I had to slap myself in the forehead. It is the All-Japan Hole Digging contest. This contest has been going on for 11 years now and people gather from all over the country to join in the, er, "fun"!

Japanese boy digs it big time!

There are awards given for best hole, deepest hole, most creative digging, and best digging costume.

Entrants have 30 minutes to dig whatever they want and to try to grab the coveted, er, "Hole Award."

There's even rules on how big shovels can be and many contestants are kids and ladies groups.

It is contests like these that help make Japan a wonderful and peaceful place …

Japan's Great Train Robbery: The 70,000 Missing Condom Mystery

There are a lot of strange things that go on here in Japan. One thing that happened recently was the theft of 70,000 condoms from one of Japan's biggest condom makers (pun intended). 

You read right. Someone stole 70,000 condoms. A huge crime (pun intended). Weird? well, yes but the details make it even stranger. There a devil in the details. Read on. 

The weird part about this crime dawned on me when I read the report. First off, here from Canada's Canoe News:

KUALA LUMPUR - Malaysian police said Tuesday they were investigating the disappearance of more than 700,000 ultrathin condoms which went missing in transit between Malaysia and Japan.
Sagami Rubber Industries, Japan's first condom maker, said last week that the shipment was loaded into a container at its factory in northern Malaysia, but that it was empty with the locks replaced when it arrived in Tokyo.
"We take the matter of the missing condoms very seriously... we are investigating the matter," a Malaysian p…

What the Japanese Think About Americans - Volume One

I just came back from the grocery store. As we were driving out of the parking lot, there was a huge truck backing out of the parking lot too. 


Japanese truck and taxi drivers are the best drivers in the world. I've seen truck drivers driving down streets (sometimes backwards) where there wasn't 5 cm  (about 2 inches) space on either side of their rear view side mirrors. I thought, "There's no way they are going to make it down that street without hitting a wall or something!" Yet they did it. 

Typical American female truck driver (writer's image)

They were able to navigate the streets without hitting the sides or scratching their mirrors. I've seen Japanese truck drivers who could drive their 8 foot wide trucks down a 6 foot wide road. Of course I'm exaggerating, but I've seen some awesome driving in this country.

Hell, you should see my car. I never drive in tight s…

Groupon Ex-Partner Chimes in

Groupon Japan is a loser. They aren't going to make it here in this country. Don't believe me. Read on....

Beck - Loser (Instrumental)

I've been writing at length and often about Groupon Japan and their constant mistakes. (See here, here, here, here and here). As my good friend James Allen (author of Online Income Blueprints) wrote; "It's getting like shooting fish in a barrel... I smell an opportunity." (I reviewed Online Income Blueprints here).

James is right. There is an opportunity. But, that window of opportunity in Japan seems to be closing quickly. Competitors to Groupon are out already. The two that are quickly staking their place in Japan are Pomparade (owned by Recruit - a stalwart and major influence in Japan) and Kaupon (privately owned by Kiramex) both well known in the Japanese market.

Groupon has committed the Cardinal sin that many companies from the west committed before in this country; they came to Japan and didn't make the effort to under…