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Egypt Riots and Made in USA... Will Japan Explode Someday Too?

I don't really want to write about what's going on in Egypt as this is a blog about Japan and Marketing... But I do feel that I need to comment as I believe that these events will have serious repercussions in Japan too:

1) I think that what is going in in Egypt and the people power demonstrations and revolutions going on all over the world (especially now all over the Middle East) will have a profound effect on the Japanese people and economy. I think these events point to what I have been saying all along: 2011 is the pivotal year for Japan. Either we default on our debts or we get hit with massive inflation - or both. 

2) The other thing I want to say is that Japan definitely needs to get away from the USA and the American Empire. America is just, as Clint Eastwood would say, "A clusterf*ck, sir." Sticking with the USA, through thick and through thin, is a bad idea. Especially since the government of the USA is stark raving mad. Japan needs independence; unfortunate…

Korean Artists Really ARE Getting Popular in Japan and It's a Good Thing!

I have been saying for years that one has to be careful with what they hear or see on TV or radio as most of it is fake. I think Ninety percent of everything on TV is a lie or fake. The rest is advertising.

Actually, both TV and radio are 24/7 ads. The so-called "programming" is always made with consideration towards sponsors and the rest of TV is made to fit around advertising time.

You never know if anything is real.

Over these last few years, there has been a "Korean Boom" in Japan. Is it real or fake?

I remember many years ago, I was a regular on a TV program for kids, and they had a Yo-Yo company come on the show and tell us that there was a "Yo-yo boom happening in Japan." 

I thought that was absolute poppy-cock. I had two daughters in elementary school and asked them about this so-called Yo-yo boom. They didn't know anything about it.

It figured. This boom was manufactured by the toy company sponsor who made Yo-yo's and wanted the TV station to h…

CNN Chimes In: Japan Downgrade Beginning of the End?

Well, it might take ten minutes, but even a dinosaur - with a brain the size of a peanut - will notice it sooner or later when he gets hit in the head with a rock.

Don't be a dinosaur. Japan's debt explosion is now coming at a torrid pace and there's nothing to stop it. The recent downgrade of Japan's credit status just added - magically with the stroke of a pen - tens of millions of dollars to Japan's debt burden. The situation is past critical.

These warnings have been coming for a while now. Recently they have been coming at a faster and faster pace. Do not get caught off guard.

Shinjuku Skyline

I blogged before that this year, 2011, is going to be a crucial year for the world's economies and a very critical year for Japan. Read about the debt bomb that is about to explode here; See information as to how Japan's gross debt is over 230% of GDP here; Read a comparison as to which is worse off, the USA or Japan here; and Read about how 2011 is the year Japan ei…

McDonald's McDelivery Service Starts in McTokyo w/McPhotos

Hey! Lucky you! You are going to get to see something today that few people have ever seen before! You are going to see what McDonald's delivery motorcycles look like in Japan.

Well, I think it sounds like a bad McIdea, but they've really started; McDonald's really has started home delivery service in Tokyo.

McDelivery McLogo

I think this is a bad idea because if you've ever tasted McDonald's french fries when they were a bit cold, then you know what I mean; McAwful.

I can understand delivery pizza as pizza is still OK if it's not piping hot. Heck, pizza is good cold. I eat it sometimes straight out of the refrigerator. But cold McDonald's? Hmmm?

And, another question, if my pizza is more than 30 minutes late, Domino's gives me ¥500 (about $6 USD) off my next order. If my McDonald's order is more than 30 minutes late it must surely be cold and the fries will taste like plastic. Will they give me a discount for my next order? 

A pizza delivery costs at lea…

Cut Your Grocery Bill by 5% ~ 20% or More

All over the world, groceries are getting really expensive. If you are living in Tokyo, then you know just how expensive groceries are and always have been! Well, right now, whether you live in Tokyo or not, I am going to show you how you can cut your grocery bill by 5% ~ 10% - or more - quite simply merely by being more efficient with the use of your time.
There is an OK Store nearby my house. OK Store is a large grocery supermarket chain store in the Tokyo area. It is my favorite place to shop. I first wrote about OK Store in a photo blog that appeared on Lew Rockwell in 2004. There are several huge stores that I have seen like OK Store. They remind me of a typical American-style grocery store. 
But OK Store is the best for quality and price. That's why is is packed most of the time.
If you go to OK Store at the times most people who go there do, you will encounter huge crowds and wait in a line of cars to get a parking space. I think some people must wait for more than an hour in …

More on Japan's Debt Bomb

In a follow up to my last post, about Japan's debt and S&P cutting Japan's credit rating, my good friend Ira Hata, sent this to me:
Here are comments on the Euro, Yen and potential bullish consequences for the US equity markets for the first half of 2011.

While there is serious resistance near 138 & then 140 – 142, the Euro according to the chart below could be ready for more upside in 2011 which should be supportive to US stock market 1st half 2011

As things now stand a rising WLI, growing M2 money supply growth rate, QE2 in full force, and fiscal spending from past packages kicking in, all suggest staying with the trend and buying any market dips. To be a bear right here you would have to be fighting both the Fed and Uncle Sam (fiscal and monetary stimulus) and completely ignoring the message of the markets  … the bull case for the next few months could strengthen even further with another development, subsiding of the euro debt crisisThus, if this exchange rate breaks…

Japan's Debt Bomb Explosion! Fuse is Getting VERY Short!

I warned you about this in a post just a few weeks ago and now it has happened! Read here, here, here and here. Actually, even I didn't expect this to happen so son, but here we are! Japan's Credit Rating has been cut for the first time in 9 years! 

As Bloomberg reports:

Japan’s credit rating was cut for the first time in nine years by Standard & Poor’s as persistent deflation and political gridlock undermine efforts to reduce a 943 trillion yen ($11 trillion) debt burden.

The world’s most indebted nation is now ranked at AA-, the fourth-highest level, putting the country on a par with China, which likely passed Japan last year to become the second-largest economy. The government lacks a “coherent strategy” to address the nation’s debt, the rating company said in a statement. The outlook for the rating is stable, S&P said.

The yen and bond futures fell on concern the downgrade will push up the cost of borrowing for Japan, where public debt is about twice the size of gros…

Volcano Erupts in Japan! Awesome Video!

Wow! Now that's what I call some explosive promotion!

Our Amazing Planet Reports:

As Mount Kirishima, a volcano on the southern island of Kyushu, began erupting on Jan. 26. A giant ash cloud poured from the volcano, prompting the Tokyo VAAC to issue an ash warning for places above 25,000 feet (7.6 kilometers).

Mount Kirishima at sleep

Volcanic material shot from the crater, triggering pyroclastic flows, according to the blog Big Think.Kirishima ejected volcanic bombs — lava fragments that are rounded as they fly through the air — more than a mile (2 kilometers) high from its vent, according to news reports. Images of the eruption show plumes of glowing material shooting a few hundred feet in the air. A volcanic vent is a gap in the Earth's crust through which lava and volcanic gases can escape.

Now, if I could just bottle that and use it for promotion or get it to erupt on cue, I'd be rich!

See the ongoing eruption on theKirishima webcam. (NOTE: Next video frame may take as long…

Japan? A Parable & Lesson From the Wizard of Oz

Want to do business in Japan? Oh young grasshopper... You have come to the right place..... 

Join the circle at the feet of the master.... Oh ummm.... Oh ummmmmm....... Oh ummm......

There is a famous quote from Buddha that goes something like this;

"Those who don't know say they do. Those who do know say they don't."

It's true. These are such wise words that are especially useful to remember when doing business in Japan. Sometimes, well, often, it is best in Japan to say as little as possible. This is one of my big challenges as I far too often talk too much and run my mouth.

I need to be more diligent when it comes to remaining silent.

And now a parable about Buddha, Japan, and the Wizard of Oz...

The other night, my son and I were reading L. Frank Baum's the Wizard of Oz together. We came to the part where Dorothy meets the Scarecrow and the Scarecrow tells her that he hasn't a brain.

When we read that, my son stopped and said to me, "Daddy! If he doesn&#…