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Highly Credible UFO Footage from Japan?????

From All News Web UFO / Paranormal

Highly credible UFO video from Japan surfacesMichael Cohen m.cohen@allnewsweb.comPerhaps due to the fact that more people are carrying better quality camera phones or perhaps because visiting aliens are becoming more bold in terms of interacting with humanity as possible open alien contact draws nearer, the quality of new UFO footage over the last months has been better than ever.
This UFO clip below from Japan is one of the most convincing pieces of footage i have seen. The sighting occurred around a month ago. Unless someone debunks this video I would say it is conclusive proof that information about all the craft flying overhead is being withheld from the public.The comments of the witnesses seem genuine and one can sense real surprise in their voices as they exclaim that 'it must be some kind of UFO'. This UFO video is a must see. UFOs are commonly seen in Japan and interest in alien / extraterrestrial subjects widespread. No official discl…

Marketing Japan: The Japan of Free Enterprise

Yesterday, I received some brilliant commentary about Japan by economic expert Marc Abela about the Time Lapse Journey Through Japan post that I thought I'd share with you.

It is just one more reason why Japan experienced such high economic growth until recently (when the Bank of Japan and Japanese government decided to interfere):

"Japan was up until very recently one rare and beautiful battalion of free enterprise, liberal thinking, private property and private responsibility, not just your name, but your whole family name directly on your brand, Honda-san, Matsushita-san, Suzuki-san, Toyota-san, with free customers roaming around and simply picking the favorite amongst a sea of different products to be found on the market, it was competition at its best... and if people didn't like you, no-one there to use violence, you just go through periods where the group decides to ostracize you at best/worst... Rothbard would have loved this country." - Marc Abela

You can conta…

Time Travel: Listen to Tokyo Rose from August 1944

By Mike in Tokyo Rogers

The dog days of summer end tomorrow here in Japan...  August is finished. Of course, every year in August, the surrender of Japan in World War II is celebrated... With it the war crimes of Hiroshima and Nagasaki are also remembered....

I was searching through the Internet Archive for something to commemorate this time - but from a different perspective - and I found these recordings of Tokyo Rose.

Iva Toguri D'Aquino
Contrary to what people believe, Tokyo Rose was not just one person. Tokyo Rose was about a dozen different girls broadcasting under the name of Tokyo Rose. The most famous was Iva Toguri D'Aquino.

From Wikipedia:

Toguri called herself "Orphan Ann," she quickly became identified with the moniker "Tokyo Rose", a name that was coined by Allied soldiers and that predated her broadcasts. After the Japanese defeat, Toguri was detained for a year by the U.S. military before being released for lack of evidence.

I think it is absur…

Marketing Japan: A Sense of Humor Helps!

By Mike in Tokyo Rogers
Depending on what you are selling, I think a sense of humor can go a long way... OK, maybe it's not so good for a funeral parlor, but, I think in many instances, humor can help you get your name out to the public.

Take this great low-cost South African airline that I stumbled upon. The name's Kulula and they've even put their brand of humor on their planes!

Humor is a super way to get people to remember your name. Just make sure that the product or service is solid and then do everything to make the customer experience the best. Everyone wants to laugh, right?

Not only does Kulula put their humor on the planes, they even use humor to make the inflight experience more fun. Check these entertaining announcements out:

On a Kulula flight, (there is no assigned seating, you just sit where you want) passengers were apparently having a hard time choosing, when a flight attendant announced, “People, people we’re not picking out furniture here, find a seat and…

Marketing Japan: What Will Happen to Tokyo Tower?

By Mike in Tokyo Rogers

I just got a photo sent to me of the new Sky Tree Tower that is nearing completion in Tokyo. The Sky Tree Tower was originally to be called the "New Tokyo Tower" but Tokyo Tower owners did not like that at all and protested so the name was rejected. You'll understand why when you've finished reading this article.

Wikipedia says this about Tokyo Sky Tree:
The project is being led by Tobu Railway and a group of six terrestrial broadcasters (headed by public broadcaster NHK). Construction of the tower is scheduled to be completed by December 2011, with the public opening in spring 2012.
The Tokyo Sky Tree will be taking over basically all of the broadcasting duties for all major Tokyo broadcasting stations. This is because the Tokyo Tower, which was built in 1958, is not tall enough to handle digital duties as there are too many tall buildings around it. Tokyo Tower is 333 meters tall and a landmark of Japan. The Sky Tree tower is almost twice as t…

Marketing Japan: Japan Sunday Bizarreness! Darth Vader & Giant Squid on Train!

By Mike in Tokyo Rogers!

Great ideas come from getting out of the rut and going out and seeing and doing things that widen your horizons. That's why, today, I'm starting a new Sunday series called, "Japan Sunday Bizarreness!" It's just going to be short tidbits of weird stuff I've found in Japan that I hope you get a kick out of. Hopefully, they can help you to think of good ways to promote or market your product or service.

Two guys were riding a train and they were going to work to do some sort of promotion. Who knows what? But they decided to have some fun and one guy crouched behind the giant squid while the other took his photo. Maybe a possible good idea for a promotion? Hmmm? 
This was a while back, but I just found it. They had a kids night at baseball to get youngsters more interested in the sport. I hear that young kids no longer are interested in Star Wars (tell that to my 6-year-old!) and are into Poke-Mon, but this is an interesting idea too...

A Time Lapse Journey Through Japan by Brad Bremer

By Mike in Tokyo Rogers

Good Sunday morning! It's now 6:15 am on Sunday in Tokyo. It's a beautiful day and the morning brings the winds of early autumn to my window. I hope this day brings you bliss and some of your dreams, however great or small, closer to you.

For your Sunday pleasure, once again, I'd like to show you a wonderful time-lapse video I've found of Japan. This is beautiful.

It is by Brad Kremer. Enjoy

Hayaku: A Time Lapse Journey Through Japan from Brad Kremer on Vimeo.

Brad Kremer writes: 

Japan is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. This is my Japan. This is one of the many reasons why I love Japan. I shot this in many locations around Japan in the summer of 2009. Some of the location include Tokyo, Matsuyama, Imabari, Nagano, Gifu, and Ishizushisan.

I started this as a personal project to try and capture the beauty that I see in Japan. It started as just that...

But now that I have finished, I see it only as a beginni…

Now the Japanese Government Reports a 200-Year-Old Man Discovered!!!

I reported earlier todaythat those clowns in the Japanese government had reported that, on their books, they had found a 186-year-old man "living" near Hiroshima .... I wonder if he was still receiving old age pension payments from the government?

But now,  that's nothing. In less than 24-hours, a different prefecture in Japan reports that they have discovered a 200-year-old man! They are now investigating and will delete the man's name if they confirm that he has, indeed, died... Well, I guess so... If he is 200-years-old, he would have had to been born the same year the famous piano composer Francois Chopin was born in.

From theMainichi Daily News:'200-year-old' man listed as alive in family registerIKI, Nagasaki -- A "200-year-old" man is listed as alive in his family register at the municipal government, city officials said.The man, who was born in 1810, would be as old as classic music composer Frederic Francois Chopin. City officials said his b…

186-Year-Old Man Found in Japan!

Well, you couldn't make this stuff up. The government of Japan says they have a man in Hofu (near Hiroshima) that is listed as alive and now 186 years old.

Congratulations to the man who, if he is still alive, will be the oldest person on the earth... The birthday boy was born in 1824!

The Mainichi article reads:

According to the Yamaguchi Regional Legal Affairs Bureau, among 17 cities and towns in the prefecture, there are 9,414 people over 100 listed on family registers as alive but without a resident registration showing where they live. The 186-year-old Hofu man is one of them.

Possible reasons for the discrepancies are people moving and not updating their resident registrations, or the entirety of a family perishing in World War II, according to municipal governments.

No, I think the best reason for the discrepancy is that the government is full of a bunch of incompetent idiots.

But there really is a 120-year-old man alive in Japan...

His name is Shigechiyo Izumiof Isen on Tokuno…

Gaijin Gourmet: Best Place to Buy Fresh Vegetables and Fruit in Tokyo!

By Mike in Tokyo Rogers

I've found another fantastic place that I just must introduce. It is a fresh produce and fish shop near Okachimachi station in eastern Tokyo. The shop is called, "Sakana no Yakata." It is a chain store run by a company called Yoshiike.

Sakana no Yakata - Go out South exit of Okachimachi station. Turn left. 5 seconds walk.

Folks, I went to that store for the first time ever and I was totally floored by how fresh the produce was and how incredibly cheap the prices were. It is the closet thing to a real Farmer's Market that I have ever seen in Japan.

The shop was packed with people on a weekday. They had tons of items on sale. Some items, like strawberries, I haven't seen on sale in quite a while.

Other items, like fresh bananas with five bananas in a pack sold for ¥30 yen (35 cents) a pack! My local store, which is dirt cheap (or so I thought) sells them for almost three times that price!
Look for the huge cod
Go out Okachimachi South Exit #1 and l…

Marketing Japan: The Future of Business Success is a Super Price for Super Service

By Mike in Tokyo Rogers

I was thinking the other day about the state of the economy and where the business opportunities lay when I came upon a small news article buried in the very back of a publication. It dropped my jaw. Read on.

My company has been doing much promotion, marketing and PR for mostly airlines and travel related industries so we have a pretty good grasp of the state of that business. From what we can gather, most airlines are cutting routes, services and amenities to passengers. The so-called "premium carriers" seem to be the hardest hit and the mid-class carriers want to change their image to "premium carrier."

I think there is a big difference between wanting to be a premium class carrier and actually being one. Changing a middle class carrier into a premium one takes much more than a note handed down from corporate; it takes a fundamental shift in corporate culture. Some, of which, by the way, will be impossible for most US carriers to accomplish. …

Marketing Japan: Weird Summer TV Commercial in Japan.

This is a bizarre TV commercial for a an amusement park called "Fuji Kyu Highland." The park is about 1.5 hours from Tokyo and has a huge swimming pool, tons of white knuckle rides and all sorts of amenities.

They are also most famous for, most probably, their huge roller coaster which is the biggest in Japan.



They've also got a pretty cool homepage that shows you videos of all their hair-raising rides... The page is in Japanese but you don't need to speak the language to watch the videos!

Fuji Kyu Highland web page:

The page is cool and pretty crazy so I recommend clicking around. There's lots of fun stuff!

Japan's New Game Sensation! Chabudaigashi

By Mike in Tokyo Rogers
Pissed off at the world? Yeah. There seems to be lots of other people who share your feelings. Now, the good folks at Taito games in Japan have come out with a game that's just perfect for you.
The game is called Chabudaishi. "Chabu" is an old-fashioned, very small Japanese style dining table. "Daishi" means flipping over that table.

It's a game where you can take out your frustrations on the world as well as your family or friends. Wow! Sign me up! 
At home, during dinner, do the kids talk constantly on their cell phones or play hand-held computer games when all you want is to sit down and have a nice quiet family dinner together and spend some quality time? Well, don't put up with it. Show your wife and children that you are just as dysfunctional as they are by screaming and slamming your fists on the table and then, finally, throwing the table over and spilling everything on the floor in a fit of rage!
What enjoyment!
Or, you are ou…

Translating English to Japanese Texting

Translating English to Japanese texting. Ah so! That's what those things meant!

From Wired Magazine

Japanese Anime versus Foreign Anime



From a very cool website called, "My (Confined) Space":

In the Collapsing Japanese Economy Even Samurai Have No Work

By Mike in Tokyo Rogers

The economy is getting really bad here very quickly. Today the Nikkei 225 declined for the 4th day in a row. The yen is nearing an all-time high.

On top of all this bad economic news, the thing that is even worse is the mood of the people. I spoke today with a young 27-year-old company worker who works in the music industry and he told me that there was talk at his company that they weren't going to last the year.

Later, I spoke to the vice president of a large Japanese music publishing company and even he told that, "Things are bad. Everyone is cutting staff and budgets... And it's only going to get worse."

Certainly, the economy is bad and there is no good news on the horizon but, it's also the mood of the people that makes things worse. A vibrant economy needs people with confidence and a positive attitude. Japan certainly doesn't have that now.

It's gotten so bad that even Japan's modern samurai are out of work and that is …

Old Photos of Japan

By Mike in Tokyo Rogers

Are you interested in the mystique, magic and enigma of old Japan? I certainly am. I love things that represent old Japan: art, furniture, culture, bonsai and photography.

The photography of old Japan is usually the part that leaves me quite unsatisfied as, since Japan was such a poor country, and generally closed to the west for centuries, there aren't that many quality old photos representing Japan from the 1800's... Or so I thought!

Today, I'd like to introduce you to a wonderful web site that I stumbled upon yesterday called Old Photos of Japan. It is a fantastic cornucopia of photos from a bygone era that will keep you enthralled with the quality of the work and the artistic intention.

From the homepage:

shows photos of Japan between the 1860s and 1930s. In 1854, Japan opened its doors to the outside world for the first time in more than 200 years. It set in motion a truly astounding transformation. As fate would have it, pho…