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Famous US Governor, Chris Christie, Links to My Latest Lew Rockwell Article!...

By Mike Rogers

Famous US Governor from New Jersey, Chris Christie, links to my latest Mike in Tokyo Rogers' Lew Rockwell article(bottom left):


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Koji Kamibayashi; Internet & SEO Expert

By Mike in Tokyo Rogers

Let me introduce you to Koji Kamibayashi. Koji is quite unique in Japan. And you will be glad you met him today.

There are many people in Japan who claim to be Internet experts or professionals in SEO, but I'd wager that there aren't many who can put proof behind their claims of expertise. One of the few who can is a guy named Koji Kamibayashi. I think it is safe to say that Koji is one of Japan's top five, if not the top, Internet expert in the entire country.

Koji Kamibayashi
Koji Kamibayashi was the founder and president of TV Tokyo Broadband (TXBB); which he started in 2001. Within 4 years, by 2005, TXBB became a company with over $50 million (USD) in revenue and was listed on the Tokyo Stock Market in 2005. This was truly an amazing feat considering the fact that every terrestrial TV station and network in Japan started up a Broadband network only to fail with tens of millions of dollars in losses.  Only Koji's TXBB was successful. See Koji&…

Marketing Japan: Internet Promotions? Don't Make Long Sign-ups!...

By Mike in Tokyo Rogers

If you are running any sort of Internet service, business or promotion that requires people to sign up to join, then at least make the sign up as short and as simple as possible.

Survey results of over 10,000 Internet users (done by Nikkei Shimbun) show that if users must click a site or a banner link more than twice, they probably won't do it.

One of my good friend's tells me how he is working on a huge cross-platform Internet promotion that has all the great pieces to a fantastic Internet Social Media Marketing success… This promotion has everything built in! It has a dedicated website using WordPress; publicity integrating old media and print to draw new potential customers to their Internet sites (they definitely need the over-40 crowd in Japan as those are the people with all the money); A Pick and Twitter component and, of course, online video, blogs, blogging, vlogs, and keywords on Google Search and Yahoo! and much more involving a full spectrum of…

Mike in Tokyo Rogers (me) New Music Videos Japan on U-Stream

By Mike in Tokyo Rogers

I remember an old saying that prudish grandmas would say, "Don't jump into the pool until you learn how to swim!" Well how are you going to learn how to swim if you don't get into the pool?

How are you going to learn how to blog, video blog, or do Social Media until you jump into the water?

I do Internet marketing and SEO services in Japan now, but, in my former life, I was a TV and radio producer, director, and caster... When it comes to U-Stream, I am just getting my feet wet.  I've had a YouTube channel for a long time as YouTube is more like traditional TV, but U-Stream is different.

To learn how to do U-Stream well, I've been helping George Williams on his daily show for about 7 months now and started doing my own weekly do a weekly underground new music video show on where you can find the weekly Top 5, where I find and play totally new and undiscovered cool artists and play them for you.

As I mentioned many …

Get High Google Rankings: Blog and Write Everyday!...

By Mike in Tokyo Rogers

It is my purpose to get my name and the name of my company and service out to the public in the most effective way possible; and the best way to do that is to use the Internet. The Internet is targeted marketing and media and it allows me to focus my message to the audience; and it does it for free. I cannot think of a cheaper price than free, can you? 

I go to the Internet to get great information with a focused message; and I get that information for free. I hope that this is the same reason some of you good folks come to see me everyday. I'm trying to give you all tips on how to empower yourselves and increase your business in Japan everyday. 

One reader asked me how it was possible that I was able to get my name at #1 on a Google search if someone merely searched "Mike" and "Tokyo" (remember that there are millions of foreigners in this country and there's been many many famous Mike7s to come here; think Mike Tyson in Tokyo, etc., e…

Marketing Japan: Six Basic Rules for Effective Internet Blogging and Intelligent Social Media in Japan and Beyond...

By Mike in Tokyo Rogers
Here are the first six rules that absolutely should be followed if you wish to build up a good following for your blog or other Internet activities. Do these today (they're easy and free) and you will be way ahead of the game immediately.
1) Think about your name and use a unique and effective name every time try not to deviate! I use Mike in Tokyo Rogers which makes me much more unique than Mike Rogers, of which there must be millions of and I know that there are a few who are famous. One is an athlete, a politician from Michigan, one is an actor, one is a musician and another is a K-1 fighter. Try to use your online name in your e-mail address to make it easier to find you. Anytime you see my name on the Internet is is Mike in Tokyo Rogers. 
2) Take a real photo of yourself to use as your avatar and use the same one everywhere possible.
3) Create online bio's using this name and avatar everywhere you frequent on the Internet: Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Twit…

60% of Twitter Users Quit in First Month

By Mike in Tokyo Rogers

Holy cow! Pay attention all you marketing, bloggers, advertising, PR, Social Media, people who U-Stream, Pick and video blog (vlog) and business in general people in Japan, I just stumbled upon this article from Nielsen Ratings that show some big trouble for Twitter down the road.

It seems that Twitter has a very poor retention rate for new users. In fact, Twitter's retention rate is worse than Facebook or Myspace and both of those Social Networking services are dying a slow death in Japan.

From the article:

Currently, more than 60 percent of U.S. Twitter users fail to return the following month, or in other words, Twitter’s audience retention rate, or the percentage of a given month’s users who come back the following month, is currently about 40 percent. For most of the past 12 months, pre-Oprah, Twitter has languished below 30 percent retention.

The problem with this retention rate is that it means that Twitter's long term growth is in serious question. I…

Marketing Japan: Increase Your Google Rankings by Use of Keywords...

By Mike in Tokyo Rogers

Just a quick piece of great advice for you bloggers who - with quite understandable frustration, believe me - get discouraged because they see no quick results from their blogging or video blog (vlog) efforts.

Remember that every time you blog something, anything, you need to use all the Social Media tools in your toolbox to drive people to your blog and increase your rankings. That means when you write a new blog, then I suggest that you go to Pick, Twitter, Facebook, Mixi, U-Stream, whatever and announce that you have some new blog that you would like people to check out.

Always be thinking... Well, about something useful, if possible.
I write about Japan at Lew and then announce all of those everywhere I can - even here at this blog - and I plug my modern marketing Japan blog (this blog) at the bottom of my Lew Rockwell articles.

I suggest announcing new items at least twice (on Twitter, Pick and other Social Media); once immediately after writin…