Thursday, April 16, 2015

Ninja Slayer From Animation, the TV Show, and Sexy Ninja Girls! Starts Tonight on Niconico April 16, 11 pm Japan Time.

Ninja Slayer From Animation begins tonight April 16, 2015 at 11 pm Japan time. (Check what time that is in your local time here:

Ninja Slayer manga has been a smash hit in 15 countries but now the animation begins! And, yes, you can watch it all over the world!

Here's the link to click to watch tonight April 16, 2015 at 11 pm Japan time

Here's the basic story: 

Also, with Ninja Slayer, begins "The TV Show" (ザ・TVショウ). The TV show is created by yours truly and my partner in crime, Ken Nishikawa with Motoyoshi Tai (as the bad guy producer).

The TV Show is a short variety show that begins immediately after the first Ninja Slayer anime ends. It is wild and has back information on the musicians and making of the theme tracks for the animation. It's also full of sexy ninja girls!

Here's the trailer for the TV Show:

Check it out tonight! Ninja Slayer From Animation begins tonight April 16, 2015 at 11 pm Japan time. Here's the link to click to watch tonight: 

Oh, and I did mention sexy Ninja Girls? You bet!

Trust me, you'll want to watch this show! Here's Mina Shirakawa, the co-host.... There's more of this on tonight's show!

(Check what time that is in your local time here:

Monday, April 13, 2015

The Argument at the Grocery Store: Why Living in Japan is Better Than Living in the West - It's a Part of the Culture

I just came back from my second trip tonight to the grocery store to buy booze. I'm kind of drunk now. The grocery store is a 3 minute walk from my house.

I've been drinking booze. Did I say that I'm drunk, now? I did? OK.

As I walked out of the store, there was a couple arguing about something.

But, in Japan, when a couple are arguing (outside a grocery store or wherever), it isn't anything like what happens when a couple argues (outside in the parking lot of a grocery store or anywhere else) in the USA.

People in the USA and the west argue and they like to scream.

In Japan, people are reserved and they aren't wont to make a scene; there's no shouting or making a "scene."

Making a "scene" in Japan just won't do, you see.

The couple that were arguing outside the store I just came back from were arguing in hushed voices. I couldn't understand what they were arguing about. But they were definitely arguing about something.

The last time I was in America, I was at a Ralph's supermarket grocery store parking lot, I saw a couple arguing in the parking lot; they were screaming at each other and throwing stuff at each other out of their grocery cart.

It was like bloody murder! 

The guy (I guess he was the husband) was screaming at the top of his lungs about something to do with a 25 pound bag of dog food versus a 50 pound bag of dog food.

Not exactly a life-ending crisis, but screaming bloody murder they were. People there must be quite stressed out (or drugged out)

He was shouting, "You didn't tell me to buy the 50 pound bag!"

I think you could hear him screaming at the top of his lungs from a mile away! He seemed furious over such a trivial matter.

That would never happen in Japan. It seems to be normal in the west.

The couple I saw who were arguing at the grocery store near my home in Japan, were arguing in hushed tones. That's because that's how Japanese people argue; they never scream and shout.

In Japanese language (and culturally) there's no reason to shout and raise one's voice. 

It's just not a part of the culture.

And, as they say, if you want to understand the culture, you have to understand the language. 

In Japanese, you never know what someone is going to say until you hear the last word in a sentence.

For example (in Japanese): "To the store to go buy groceries I go not."

In English, "I'm not going to the store to buy groceries."

In English, I know before even half way through what you are saying if your intention is negative or positive.

In Japanese, you have to listen to the last word to know one's intent.

This is why there is no "ping pong effect" in Japan where people interrupt each other mid-sentence and start arguing. In the west, whilst speaking English, you can interrupt because you already heard the intent halfway through any sentence...

"I am not...." and so forth.

This makes for Japan to be a much more peaceful place. That's just the way it is.

That's one more reason why Japan is a better place to live than the west if you want to have some peace. It's also why you never hear Japanese people interrupting each other and screaming - whether they are speaking Japanese or English.

It's just not a part of the culture.

Hopefully, it never will be.

Trust me. It is inconceivable that this guy is going to raise his voice and yell about anything! It's just not a part of the culture. Ain't gonna happen,

Sunday, April 12, 2015

‪Su凸ko D凹koi 「ブス」PV‬ - Japan's Hottest New Girl's Band!

We just made the new video for Japan’s Hottest New Girl’s Group! Su Ko D Koi! These girl’s are fantastic! Su凸ko D凹koi 「すっとこどっこい」. The song is called, “Busu” which means “Ugly.” It's amazing that these three girls can make such a powerful sound. Check it!

Su Ko D Koi - Busu (

Here's the lyrics: 

Ugly, ugly, ugly, ugly
I wonder if I am ugly
Ugly, ugly, ugly, ugly
I know that I am

I've been living with the face for 20 years
I've come to realize that I'll never be a princess
I am not the only one who thinks so
I could never work as a hostess at a bar


But I got a boyfriend one day
I think he also thinks I am ugly
That's what I think, but I'm not sure
But for the first time, I thought, "Oh I'm glad to be alive." 

For the first time in my life
I thought from the bottom of my heart, 
I am happy to be alive
I was really happy


After dating for about six months
He suddenly hit me
I didn't do anything to deserve it
When I woke up in the hospital
with a transfusion in my arm

He had his head in his hands
Then he was gone
But I wasn't angry at him
Because it was the first time he really made me feel like a woman

I was happy!

(Chorus 2x)

Thank you!"


It’s kind of like the old 1950s song, “He Hit Me, and It Felt Like a Kiss” by the Crystals but with a 2015 twist!


If you like this, please go "Like" their Facebook page:


This video was made by me and Ken Nishikawa at Robot55!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

すっとこどっこい ー 「ブス」のPV

Gang! We just made the new video for Su凸ko D凹koi 「すっとこどっこい」. The song is called, "Busu" which means "Ugly." Check it!

She says,

"Ugly, ugly.... I know I am ugly.... 

But I got a boyfriend and we have been going out. 

But one day, out of the blue, he hit me. 

I woke up in the hospital and he had his head in his hands. 

Then he was gone.... 

But, I finally was able to realize that he treated me like a woman!"....

It's kind of like the old 1950s song, "He Hit Me, and It Felt Like a Kiss" by the Crystals.

Cool! Isn't it? (If link doesn't work, click here:


At Robot55 we make video productions for businesses and services and products, but we also pride ourselves on making videos for art and music. Our starting price is ¥70,000 and we are sure we can work out something that fits your budget. Oh, and we love making band videos too! Contact us!

Friday, April 10, 2015

I Was a Teenage Stand-Up Comedian in Hollywood!

“There is a thin line that separates laughter and pain, comedy and tragedy, humor and hurt.” ― Erma Bombeck

“Life is a comedy to those who think, a tragedy to those who feel.” ― Jean Racine


I really have worked as a Stand Up Comedian in Hollywood and around in small venues in Southern California when I was a teenager. I did this gig, off and on, from 1979 until early 1981 or so. I was very popular and got paid... 

OK. That's not exactly true. I wasn't a teenager, I was about 21 or 22 years old when I was a stand-up comedian; and it's probably a bit of a "stretch" to say that I was "popular." I did get paid a couple of bucks each time too (which was often more than I got from being in a punk band!)

Months before I became a Stand-Up Comedian, I was playing in a punk band and, from that, I got to see how the stage set-up was done for concerts. (I wrote about my punk band in: The White Stripes Jack White and Me (A True Story) ( I saw an opportunity to be able to go on stage, tell off-color jokes and actually get paid a little bit (plus it was a great way to meet girls!) I figured that, in between the bands - while the Roadies were changing equipment on the stage - I could go up on stage and entertain the troops. 

I actually went to clubs and owners to sell myself and my routine. For a while there, I got jobs; a lady from the department store I worked at actually got me lots of jobs too. She got me jobs at some sort of social events! She could have been a good manager! At that time, I was telling jokes in front of crowds of 50 ~ 200 people, one or two weekends a month for a short while!

Sometimes I did so well, and the crowd liked my jokes so much, that the fans were crowding the stage and throwing coins at my feet. I am not exaggerating!

Other times, with the very same act and original jokes I wrote, even the next night in front of a different crowd, it was like I was giving a speech at a funeral; it was dead. I definitely am not exaggerating about that either.

I was always confused as to why I was such a hit one night, then the next night, it was terrible! The difference was like night and day!

(Photo of me, as Nigel Nitro, circa 1980 - I would later write under the pen name "Ricky Zipp" using this same photo)

The first time people threw money at me, I was mad because I thought they were throwing stuff at me to get me off the stage. That was until a friend told me, "Wow! You were great! People were even throwing money at your feet!"

Getting up on stage, by yourself, is much more difficult than people can imagine; you are completely alone. If you are in a band on stage, that's scary enough, but, with a band, you have your band members and instruments to hide behind. Being a stand up comedian is just you, naked (figuratively speaking), on the stage with a few dozen or, even hundreds of people just staring at you. Their eyes pierce you and their expectations are quite high (or incredibly low - which can be a problem too!) Their eyes and faces are saying, "Entertain me! Make me laugh or get off the stage!"

Being a Stand-Up Comedian is a very rough job.

My very last stand up routine was at my university at a talent show; I was MC'ing the event. People were roaring with laughter. I couldn't figure it out. They were laughing in all the wrong places! I later asked a girl why people were laughing so much and she said, "Your facial expressions were hilarious!" I couldn't figure that out either. If anything my facial expression were of confusion because I couldn't figure out why people were laughing at my jokes in weird places! It was then and there that I decided that I wasn't good enough and didn't have what it takes to be a Stand-Up Comedian.

But I'm very glad I tried my luck as a Stand Up Comedian. Being a Stand-Up Comedian is a great way to become a great public speaker. It is also a good way to overcome inhibitions and to learn how to control a crowd's behavior.

How and why did I ever first become a Stand-Up Comedian? Let me explain further...

In about mid 1979, a few months after Sid Vicious of the Sex Pistols died, my punk band broke up. I was quite disillusioned with the entire "Punk Thing" by then anyway. Sid dying (he was my hero) was the last straw for me. (Well, I had lots of "last straws," actually.)

But, I had loved being on the stage as a Punk band vocalist and wanted to stay and hang out in Hollywood. So I decided try try my hand as a Stand-Up Comedian. It made sense to me at the time.

Being the front of a punk band was powerful. It was also a lesson in crowd control. When my band ended, at first, I wanted to start another punk band but everything I tried just didn't work out to my liking. Also, I had learned a lesson from playing in a band with other people who weren't so dedicated; having to depend on other people sucks!

Being a Stand-Up Comedian is really just you against the world, it seems. It's a great experience and, no matter your age, I think everyone can benefit from having to stand up in front of a bunch of strangers and give a speech.

After all, giving a speech and doing stand up comedy are first cousins in the public speaking world.

In Japan, you can sometimes see young people standing at a busy train station and giving speeches. I hear it is a kind of initiation at some companies to make their new young employees overcome their inhibitions and become better representatives and salesmen. I think it is good.

I will always fondly look back to my 20 or 30 times as a Stand Up Comedian. Sometimes I was the funniest guy! King of the hill! Other times I was a pathetic little loser standing butt-stark-naked in front of a crowd of people without a friend in the world!....

Both are great learning experiences.

Everyone can benefit from public speaking exposure like that.

Like they say, "Don't dream it. Be it."

This blogpost reprinted courtesy of Robot55


Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Check Out This Week's Top 3 Videos!

This week's Top 3 Videos over at Robot55!

Half Girl from Berlin and a hilarious song about Motorhead's Lemmy called, "Lemmy, I'm a Feminist." Also a hot new British group named "History of Apple Pie" and their homage to "The Weekend." And at #1 the girl who, according to “Revolver Magazine,” The Fabulous Miss Wendy is “the sexiest rock star ever”!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015


From the Rogers News Sources (April 1, 2015, Tokyo, Japan):

The first in its kind in history: Former Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe smiles seconds before his untimely demise by a savagely large and dangerous Amazonian Man-Eating Plant on live TV on March 31, 2015

The entire nation of Japan was in total and complete shock today when on live national TV, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was savagely devoured by a giant carnivorous man-eating plant. The dangerous and rare plant somehow wound up on the TV set of the NHK (national news station) studios by accident. 

The carnivorous plant was originally destined for the Botanical Garden at Ueno Zoo, but through a mix up with deliveries and schedules, the extremely dangerous, endangered, toxic and humongous Amazonian Man-Eating Plant (Dionabe Muscipula Giantor) was delivered to the news studio where Abe was scheduled for a speech, while a bouquet of pretty red flowers with pink ribbons went to the zoo.

While tens of millions of shocked viewers looked on, the plant first rudely criticized the suit Abe was wearing for poor taste, it then suddenly grabbed the prime minister by the head and swallowed him whole.

Staff at the NHK news team tried to save the prime minister by offering the deadly fauna the former prime minister and current finance minister Taro Aso instead. Unfortunately, like the former prime minister, their efforts were too little, too late.

Some in the TV audeince were quoted as saying, "who voted for that Aso anyway?"

It is expected that time and date of proceedings will be announced to a nation in mourning later today. 

Shinzo Abe will be sorely missed.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Sexy Japanese TV Starlet and Me (Also Known As: The Formerly Famous TV Star-Lady at the Discount Grocery Store)

"This is a true story. The names were changed to protect the innocent." - Dragnet TV show 1965

"No one is innocent." - Sex Pistols 1980

This is a true story. I go grocery shopping at the big local supermarket about 2 or 3 times a week. The supermarket is called, "OK Store." I'm a regular there. I've written about it before (you might get a laugh).

OK Store is a "no frills" grocery store: There's never any fancy displays. Cartons and cases of stuff like toilet paper or bottled water are stacked high to the ceiling in their cardboard shipping boxes. 

It's not a pretty sight.

OK Store advertises that they don't spend money on crap like "poncy-hairdresser-type" displays and the like and that allows them to pass on the savings to you... Or, me... to us... Whatever... 

I'll say "to me," since I'm betting most of my readers don't shop there.

I am always one of the first ones to arrive at OK Store in the mornings so I always get the discounted stuff left over from the day before. I run to the 'Day-Old' "Fish and Buffalo Chips Counter" for the 20~30% discounts on stuff. If you get there and see no discounted stuff, that means I have already been there and am long gone. 

Loser! The early bird catches the worm, so they say.

OK Store definitely has a "K-Mart," "Target," or "Woolworth's" groove about it (do they still have Woolworth's?) What I want to say is the rich people don't shop at OK Store; it's too "Low Class."

I like to shop there. I go to sleep in my T-Shirt and sweatpants; then I like to wake up and go to work (or shopping) in those same jammies. 

It's a time-saver. Works for me.

The wife doesn't like it. She thinks I should change clothes before I go out. "What for?" I ask.

I'm eco-friendly... Global warming and all that....

We live in a sort of fancy neighborhood. There's lots of rich people around here and just a few apartments. My house is like a desert island in a sea of opulence. We are surrounded by people with huge houses and fancy cars that the owners keep shiny and clean. Me, being a cheap skate, don't care about having a shiny German car. I have a used junky old Toyota family 4-door that I got for free. It comes with lots of dents, dings and scratches, thank you very much...

I want to say that my wife drove it around and so it got all the dents and stuff. But that would be a lie... 

Japan has too many narrow roads...... 

Well, that's my story and I'm sticking with it!

My clothes? You kidding me? I haven't bought any clothes in 15 years. OK. That's a lie too... I haven't bought any clothes in 35 years. 

My wife buys me underwear at Christmas. Which is good, because my mom used to do that but she passed away a long time ago...

I had lots of old underwear with worn out rubber banding at the waist for several years after mom died and before I married my wife... They used to bunch up in my butt crack. I hated that.

Getting married solved that problem.

My hair? Well, wife is constantly complaining 'bout that too. But, get it cut at the at the cheap-assed barber by the station and waste $10? You nuts? I cut it myself for free.

I was in a punk band when I was a kid. I don't care about clothes, cars or my hair.

I do have to care about the house though, so, I have to keep it looking nice. I absolutely hate having to trim the shrubbery... God! Cutting the hedges once a year is a royal pain....

But I digress. 

This isn't about my trend setting fashion pace or the house I live in or my neighborhood. It's about the Formerly Famous TV Lady I rendezvous with at OK Store once a week or so with.

Like I said, I am always one of the first ones to get to OK Store when I go shopping. All the cash register ladies know who I am. I am a friendly guy and always say, "Good morning ladies!" 

I always see the other regulars there too in the early hours. Shopping at OK Store first thing in the morning is the best. There's almost nobody there. You can be in and out in 15 minutes. 

But get there after 10 am? Are you nuts? After 10 am there will be a line of 20 people at every cash register. It's crazy crowded anytime the rest of the day.

I'm a busy man. I have rivers to swim and mountains to climb (figuratively speaking, of course.) I don't have time to wait in line.

Anyhow, besides the regulars; the old guy who runs a restaurant, a few hot housewives and some old ladies, the catholic sisters and me, there is one "special" customer. She is the lady who used to be really famous but I guess she's not anymore.

I know she must have been really famous because I don't own a TV, yet even I recognized her. And I haven't owned a TV set for over 11 years! I hate TV. So, if I know her face, so does everyone else. She must have been a huge star on toothpaste and shampoo commercials, doing the laundry and showing off bright new kitchen appliances along with the rest of the beautiful people. That means she was plastered all over the mass media. She must have been really super-star famous here in Japan. 

I guess.

Alas, even though I recognize her, I don't know what her name is. But she is really famous; everyone here knows who she is. You can trust me on that point.

One day, maybe the 10th time or so I saw her at the store, my wife so happened to be there with me. I saw the Formerly Famous TV Lady pointed a broccoli towards her and said to my wife, "Say! Isn't that lady famous and on TV!"

My wife got mad and said, "Don't shout and don't point at people!"

My wife told me that the lady used to be really famous but she also couldn't remember her name. Why couldn't my wife remember her name? My wife doesn't have a TV at home. We live together. Maybe that's why she doesn't have a TV at home.

Anyway, back to the Formerly Famous TV Lady... She shops at OK Store once or twice a week too, just like me. We see each other there. 

It's like destiny. 

I guess she shops early in the mornings too because she doesn't want to be recognized either; just like me. We meet there by the veggies on the second floor. She looks for bargains. I stand there holding my cucumber.

She was there again, the other day. I bought my shit, and so did she... Er, I mean she bought her groceries. I bought my crap. High Falutin' Formerly Famous People like her do not "buy crap."

In my cart was instant Cup of Ramen and cheap-assed imitation beer substitute. I imagined that in her cart was expensive French cheese, baguette and Dom Perignon. 

Do they even sell expensive French cheese, baguette and Dom Perignon at OK Store? Probably not. But whatever...

I paid at the cash register and so did she.  

In the parking lot, she drove a nice Mercedes Benz. Did I tell you that I drive a used Toyota 4 door that I got for free? I did? OK. Never mind. 

She lives somewhere in my neighborhood. I'm sure she lives in splendor.

Me? I live on a desert island in a sea of opulence. 

How far the once mighty have fallen! She used to be a big star, but now she shops at the same discount grocery store that I do. 

Poor Formerly Famous TV Lady.

How fame is fleeting. But she still gets the last laugh...

As my old friend Napoleon Bonaparte once said, "Glory is fleeting, but obscurity is forever."

Photographic proof positive of vegetables at OK Store that both the Formerly Famous TV Lady (and me) might have looked at at sometime or another.  (Photo by Mike Rogers - Lady Not Included!)

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Free Book on Dieting Download

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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Congratulations! Japanese University Students! Graduation Day!

Yesterday, in Tokyo, I saw dozens and dozens of young women walking around in kimonos. It was University Graduation Day in Japan.

I'm not completely sure about that, but I imagine that, just like everyone in this country goes to lunch at exactly the same time, all the universities probably held their graduation ceremonies at the same time too... Maybe not...

Anyway, I saw many many girls in kimonos and guys in suits. The guys in suits don't really stick out because everyone here wears a suit. 

Now, girls under 40 or so running around in kimonos is a surprise. Especially when there are dozens and dozens of them.

I wanted to take a photo. So here it one. 

By the way, if you are ever hanging out in Japan and want to take someone's photo, it's pretty easy: Just don't speak a word of Japanese to them. They'll think you are a tourist and say "OK!"

For these girls I ran up to them and said, "Oh! Beautiful!" Japanese people can understand the word, "Beautiful!" And then I added, "Picture? OK?" They can understand that too!

Bingo. Mission accomplished.

See? Speaking "Japanese" is easy!

Congratulations, girls. And congratulations to everyone who graduated yesterday. Well done. Oh, to be a university student again and young and handsome!

Oh, how I envy you all!