Rock N Roll Music and the Proof of the Existence of God!

I'm making a rock n roll movie. It's called, "Ghostroads - A Rock N Roll Ghost Story" Here's the trailer

Ghostroads Trailer
The movie stars my favorite Japanese rock band of all time, "The Neatbeats." Rodney Bingenheimer (AKA "Rodney on the Roq" KROQ Los Angeles) is also in the movie. Rodney is one of, if not thee most famous DJ in the world. He's made many great stars famous. As some regular readers might know, I used to be Rodney's assistant (Read: His lowly "Go-fer.")

Rodney Bingenheimer
In Japan, it isn't too cool to "toot one's horn" so to speak, so I tell few people about my past....

One day, during the shooting of the movie, I was at the Neatbeats' studio. There I saw they had a book about Phil Spector (a very famous music producer who did the Beatles, etc.) 

I saw the book and then I opened the book to a random page and, I'll be damned if the…

12 Japanese Girl Rock Bands That Matter in 2017

I got together with my friend, Satoshi Miyaki and, unbeknownst to him, I've come up with a list of Japanese Girl Rock Bands that matter in 2017.... Satoshi, who just likes cool music because, well, just because that's what he does, has selected a bunch of these groups (Thanks Satoshi san!)... I have also added a few of my own. This isn't the complete list. This is just Japanese girl bands - with girl members only - who are performing gigs now.... If I miss your band from the list, send me an email as I am going to make another list a little later.

Also, these are all female only bands. There's lots of cool bands in Japan but if we start making exceptions and adding bands that have guys and girls, we'd be here forever. 
Also, these are bands that I think (from my most probably confused viewpoint) that a foreign audience might like. Also, there is no particular order to this list excepting the first two. I think not putting Shonen Knife at the top of the list along wit…

My Very Own Rock & Roll Swindle! How I Scammed the Music Business in Japan!

Alternative title: "How to use lessons of the Sex Pistols to sell records."
"Hype is always better than reality" - Me

In the early nineties, I ran one of the best-selling independent record labels in Japan. It was called "Samson Records." We were based in Shinjuku, Tokyo and I started the label with a guy from Osaka named Suzuki who owned a radio program recording studio named "Sam." Hence the name of the record label, "Samson Records." 
"Of course you do...."
The company was set up so that I would split 1/2 with Suzuki everything we made. He provided the studios and staff and engineers. I would set up the music and branding and marketing... Later I would be given shares in "Sam" on a stock option (an option that I was never able to exercise). 

The former president of Tower Records Asia, Keith Cahoon, once told me that Samson was the number one selling Indies label in Japan.

This is a brief story about how that label bega…

I Found a Major Facebook Glitch

I have discovered a major glitch on Facebook and have also found out that several of my friends have the same problem. You might have it too!

The problem is that we have a lots of friends, but Facebook shows us as only having a few "followers." 

Why does that matter? Why is that a big deal? Well, because, if you are like me and host a radio show, or do anything where a strong social media presence is a must, then this is critical: It looks like you have no REAL friends or followers to show clients. If you are like me, you need to show potential clients and sponsors how many friends I have and how many followers you have on Social Media.

That's why I wrote this post, I thought I should alert others.

I have nearly 5000 friends on Facebook. But it shows me as only having 34 followers! That's impossible. A few months ago, it showed that I had something like 4117!

Now, only 34? How did that happen?

As of today, I have 4,989 friends. I used to always have a consistent 5000 frien…

Ghostroads - A Japanese Rock N Roll Ghost story. New Trailer. トレイラー新バージョン!

My movie is almost finished. I've gotten great reviews. 

My favorite is: 

“Loved it! Really original. It really is a Japanese HARD DAY’S NIGHT with a ghost story twist.” - Stephen David Brooks(Award Winning Director "Flytrap.")

Ghostroads - A Japanese Rock N Roll Ghost story. New Trailer. トレイラー新バージョン! Sorry. You have to click or copy and paste the link I cannot embed it!

Yes... And there IS a bedroom scene with Mina Shirakawa in the film.

Here are the reviews/blurbs I've received so far:
“Loved it! Really original. It really is a Japanese HARD DAY’S NIGHT with a ghost story twist.” - Stephen David Brooks(Award Winning Director "Flytrap.") 
“Sharp, stylish and effortlessly cool, this a world where hairstyles and guitars are king. It made me homesick and it made me want to practice. And I never practice, so that must be voodoo. 'Ghostroads' is the movie that comes with free black magic.” - Ginger Wildheart
"Ghostroads - A Japa…

The Truth About Santa

Every year in December, Santa Claus goes with the good people from Children With Incurable Diseases Charity to visit sick children and their parents at hospitals around Japan. My good friend Santa tells me that he thinks Children With Incurable Diseases Charity (難病のこども支援全国ネットワーク)  is one of the best and most respected and reputable children’s charities in all of Japan.

I asked Santa about the reaction of the children at the hospitals and he just gave a heartfelt laugh and winked at me.
I said, “But, Santa, don’t the parents and the children know that Santa isn’t real?”

Santa then said to me, “Mike. Trust me. Santa is as real as night and day; Santa is as real as love and peace; Santa is as real as you and me. In fact, he continued, “Santa is better than real. Santa gives children and parents dreams and hope.”
I laughed too. Certainly, Santa was kidding me, I thought. After all, Christmas comes only once a year.
Santa patted my hand, leaned over and said, “Mike! Remember when you were a lit…